Our New Journey To Good Health

We are on a new journey in our lives. Yes honey I said JOURNEY! My husband is a huge Journey Fan and  even bigger Steve Perry fan. When anyone says the word journey he says “You said journey”!! Yep, LOL. Anyway after my hubby and I got some not so great diagnosis from our doctors we have made big changes in our food choices. We don’t use the word diet because diets FAIL!

I have struggled with my health since I gave birth to Chloe. I was 39, not that age has anything to do with it, but pregnancy was tougher for me at 39 than at 25. I was on bedrest for most of my pregnancy due to placenta previa. Sick can’t begin to describe how I felt 99 % of the time. Ok it was rough, for everyone, not just me. We had teens in the house and I couldn’t stand long enough to cook. My hubby was amazing during that time. I thought I will feel better after I have her.

Well she is 8 1/2 and I still have health issue. It all boils down to choices. Food is a choice. Do I eat fast food and chips or salad and baked chicken? I know I feel better when I eat the salad and chicken. To be honest with all of the Hepatitis C in restaurants it’s scary to eat out. We have been eating a lot more vegetables and salad. We are not snacking much and if we do its fruit or air popped popcorn. We have given up a lot of our favorites. I am super proud of us. I have always said you can’t look at food as a treat all the time. We need food to be healthy and well to survive. Our way of eating is benefiting Chloe as well. Removing the sugary snacks and Cheez its make her choose healthier snacks.

Chloe is a very picky eater. Meat is the biggest area of pickiness. She will eat ground beef or ground turkey. She has never eaten chicken. I try to get her to eat it and I get a very aggressive, but polite, NO THANKS! She is a noodle eating girl big time!! I just try to represent the food groups at her meals and try to get her to eat new foods every now and then. I do see progress, so that’s good.

I know we will start seeing changes and feeling better soon. It will all be worth it. I tell my adult children to start being healthy now in your 20’s. Don’t wait until your 40’s when it will be a lot harder to get it under control. Let’s Be Healthy!!

I hope to start posting some recipes that we are trying. I am going to make Monday What’s on the Menu Monday. I will post a healthy recipe that we are trying.

Thanks for reading our blog today. Have a wonderful day and Let’s all GET HEALTHY!

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