Chloe’s First YouTube Vlog/ Busy Day

Happy Friday!! I am so thankful it’s Friday. Ready for the weekend.

Yesterday I filmed Chloe to introduce her on our YouTube vlog. She loved it! Then we got to work on our homeschool. She really worked hard today. We made pizza for lunch, which went with our book Then We Made Pizza.

Poor Brett came home with a messed up back, so Chloe was hard to get on track after that. Routine disruption. LOL She did sit with me later in the day and read her reader and I read to her about how apples grow. She didn’t want to do the apple craft. Maybe I can get her to do it today. She isn’t as crafty as she use to be.

I hope you will check us out on YouTube (Autism With Grace). Thank you for checking in today. It is a short post, as I spent most of my day trying to figure out how to edit my video. LOL  Become a follower by clicking the blue follower icon in the side bar. Have a wonderful Friday and God Bless.

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