A Much Better Day

Good morning everyone! Oh I am so blessed to say we had a much better day on Wednesday. Chloe was so cooperative and sweet. You never know what will happen when she wakes up. LOL

I let her have a laid back morning. I didn’t sleep well and didn’t want to rush myself. I started her out with some Jumpstart Computer games to warm up and then we worked on our Abeka math book, plus learned to count nickels. She loved that part. She fought a bit on Language Arts and Writing, but once I offered her a reward for working through it she did an awesome job. She really loves our Bible Beginnings Curriculum. It is very easy to understand and you can expand on it so much. She is writing her Bible verse each day. I am very proud of her.

Chloe has always loved Christmas music. Who doesn’t, right? She is already listening to it in her room. I don’t mind because it has a calming effect on her. She says “Oh yea good singing” after each song.

We finished our afternoon playing outside. I still get nervous about being stung again,. I spray and pray. LOL. So far so good. Chloe doesn’t last as long in the afternoon because of the heat. We will definitely enjoy the fall weather when it arrives.

I am almost ready to upload my first video to my YouTube channel. I have a few more bugs to work out with my camera, but am super excited!! Thank you so much to all of my Followers for following me and if you would like to become a follower click that blue followers icon in the sidebar. I will let you know when I upload my first video and I hope you will check it out and become a subscriber. Have a wonderful day .

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