Determined To Help Her Love Learning

Good morning. Oh I am waiting for you Fall weather. Please hurry!

Tuesday was another day that Miss Chloe just didn’t want to sit. I changed things up and added more hands on learning. We worked on money by counting pennies. I added different amounts of cents written on sticky notes in our red tray and she counted them out. Each day I will do a new coin, like today will be nickels. She can count by 5’s and 10’s , so nickels and dimes should be easy for her. We also worked on telling time by hour and 1/2 hour. She doesn’t understand the minutes, but hopefully over time she will.

We went outside early before it got hot and collected pine cones. I showed her how they are different and how they are the same, but it was hard to keep her still to listen. I told her when we get enough we will make a garland out of them.Ā  Once we came in she pretty much turned me off and asked for lunch. It was only 9:30. I tried to get her to work at the table, but she refused to sit.

Chloe finally sat down long enough to do our Bible Beginnings lesson and draw a picture in her drawing pad to go with the story. I got her to write the Bible verse in her notebook without to much fussing. I let her help me make her noodles for lunch and after that she was happier. We went over new sight words and we read Going to Town from the Little House on the Prairie series. She reads all day long around the house, so getting her to read is not an issue. She just only likes to read her own books most of the time. I like to introduce new literature to her, but sometimes its a no go.

We did go to Ollie’s and she got a new book and we found a toy from Secret Life of Pets. She hardly ever gets toys, except at Christmas and her birthday, but I had never seen her so happy to find a toy in my life. She was very good when we had to go to Kroger after to pick up a few items, I was very proud of her.

I know Chloe is able to learn, but she is one stubborn cookie. She learned to read by kindergarten and remembers everything!! It is just finding a way to not make her feel like she’s in school. I am guessing that is her issue. She seems extremely anxious and upset at the thought of sitting at the table. I do love the concept of unschooling, but Chloe’s level of autism would make it difficult to guaranteeĀ  she would grasp what she needs to know on her own, I do give her plenty of time to play, but that is all she wants to do all day. As I type that I feel weird, like “She is a child and she needs to play”!! That’s where it gets me. She may be 8, but not developmentally. So I keep reading and researching. I’m trying to figure this out. I want her to be happy and “school” does not make her happy.

Sorry for the long post, but this is what stays on my mind right now. I know she is better off at home with me, but I want to teach her and grow her mind as far as it can go. If any of you have any suggestions please share. I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed day.

3 thoughts on “Determined To Help Her Love Learning”

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty productive day! I like how you combined outdoor play with a science lesson. Have you ever tried having Chloe sit on a giant ball while she does her work. Maybe being able to bounce and wiggle would help her do seat work longer!


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