Going Through A Rough Patch

Hi everyone. I hope your weekend is going well so far. Things are a little off here at our house.

Chloe wanted nothing to do with learning time last week. If I say school she gets upset, so we say learning time. She would cry or laugh uncontrollably and act like she didn’t know how to write. Her behavior has gotten stranger by the day. This morning she woke up crying wanting to go to her oldest sister’s house so she could give her Leap Frog computer to her baby nephew. She never wants him to tough anything of hers. So this is VERY STRANGE!

Chloe is also wanting constant visual stimulation from computer time, phone and her movie she likes to watch. This is rare as well. She is babbling a lot and then will all of a sudden cry. She can not tell us why she is upset. That makes it impossible to help her. It just has to run it’s course.

The swelling in my eye has went away, but now I have a very itchy rash from my jawline to the bottom of my chest. Nothing seems to help the itching except ice packs. I read this could be a continuation of the allergic reaction I had from the bee sting. I pray it goes away soon. Mommy can’t be down at all.

So we are going through quite a rough patch here. Homeschool is getting tougher by the week. She just doesn’t want to sit and do anything. I want to try unschooling, but have to figure out how to sneak learning into her day. She doesn’t seek out specific interests, like most children. If any of you have any advise please share. This mom is feeling a bit lost.


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