Running Out Of Places To Go


Happy Thursday!! It’s another muggy, rainy day here in Ky. I am so ready for cool Fall weather.

Yesterday we decided to go to the library. We usually go on Friday, but she had finished school and I thought she may enjoy getting out. We get all the way to the library when I realized I forgot the library books to return. Geez!! So I tell Chloe that we have to go back home and get them. She handled it surprisingly well. We finally made it to the library just in time for a big rain storm. We wait it out in the car for like 30 minutes. Again, she handled it well.

We head upstairs to the children’s floor to discover they are redoing all of the bookshelves. She was not happy! She covered her ears and ran to the sitting area in the back. The men took a break and she began scripting songs from her computer game. (See picture above). Her hands are flapping like crazy and she is singing pretty loudly. I try to quiet her down and ask her to go with me to find a book. She walked half way there, turned around and ran back to the sitting area. I tried everything to get her to do a puzzle or help me find a video, but she wouldn’t budge from that sitting area.

Finally I said “Time to go”. She laughed and said “Time to go home”. I checked out the magazines I found for her and back to the car we went. As I buckled her seatbelt she said “Ice cream’. I told her we had to go to the Dollar Store, but we would get ice cream first. She was very excited, who wouldn’t be right? Chloe ate her ice cream and off into the Dollar Store we went.

I have mentioned before that Chloe doesn’t like stores, but we try to take her every now and then to help her learn to deal with them. She bolted to the candy, grabbed a bag of dum dum suckers and kept walking. I caught up with her and made her hold the cart. I got what I needed, forgetting several things which happens when I take Chloe with me, and checked out.

I was so happy to be back home. Chloe gets anxious when we have to go extra places. The library was one place that was always calm for her. Now that is changing. I don’t want to take her there if she is going to sit on the couch and sing or pace the aisles. That get a lot of stares and  I don’t want that for her. The parks have become stressful, but I hope to try them more often in the Fall. I just don’t like people or kids staring at her. I know she is not fully aware of it all the time, but my heart breaks for her. She is almost as tall as me and is only 8. It’s funny how toddlers love to play around her.  They are always so sweet to her.

I have those moments of thinking we are better off staying home where she feels safe and less anxious. Then I think how much I want her to see the world around her. It doesn’t make her happy to be out in the world, except the Zoo. She loves it there. If it was closer we would go everyday. LOL I just don’t know what to do sometimes. I want her to have at least one friend that understands her. All we can do as her parents is love her, teach her and keep her safe. This world has gotten a bit nutty and maybe she isn’t missing so much not being out in it.

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2 thoughts on “Running Out Of Places To Go”

  1. I agree – I want to get Declan out to the spots he doesn’t do so well at, but I really have to be mentally ready. Because it has the potential to be very challenging. That is great she handled the car ride and rain well – and it totally stinks about the library changing. Hopefully she will get used to the change over time.


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