New Curriculum

Good Morning. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. I had a quiet birthday yesterday. Chloe was awesome and my hubby took great care of me. Now back to homeschool and work.

I tried so hard to create my own free curriculum this year, but Chloe grew bored with it quick. I researched and found 4 books I think she will love. The best part is it makes planning for me a piece of cake. As you can see above I went with Explode the Code for Language Arts, Spell & Write for spelling and writing, Abeka Number Skills for Math and Bible Beginnings for Bible/History.  She is at different levels for each subject and I was thankful to get all of these books at a very good price on I have a book for Science and will supplement with art and music activities. I still want to do a cooking day each week. In our state we are required to do Language Arts, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Science and History.

I will still alternate Art and Music, as well as Science and Social Studies.  I like to spend a whole week on each area. I like how the workbooks are set up. She does one page a day in each book and I can add bonus activites. Reading for Chloe is us reading together and she working on specific level readers I check out for her. 

I am planning on starting a YouTube channel very soon and I hope you will check it out. I will let you know when it is up and running. I have to wait until my eye heals from the bee sting. I don’t want to scare people. LOL It is still so red and puffy. I have found putting honey on it helps with itching. Its been 5 days and I am ready for it to get better.

I will post tomorrow how Chloe likes or doesn’t like her new curriculum. She is a picky girl in every way, but she is a smart girl and I want to challenge her.

If you would like to follow us hit the blue followers icon in the side bar. Everyone have a blessed day.

2 thoughts on “New Curriculum”

  1. You got stung by a bee?! OUCH!! I hope Chloe loves her curriculum and I can’t wait to see you guys in action! Let me know when you’re up and running and I’ll give you a big shout out!!


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