My Birthday Weekend


Today is my 47th birthday. My husband made sure this past weekend was great for me. He took care of Chloe so I could hang out with my older daughter Saturday.FB_IMG_1530224188419

Isn’t she pretty? She has never been to our new home and drove here to spend the day with me. I loved showing her around town and making dinner for her. She loves to read so we checked out the local library and book store. Then off to our little mall and Target. Chloe loves her sister and was very excited she came to our house.

Sunday weĀ traveledĀ 1 1/2 hoursĀ to see our grandson. He is growing up so fast. We went out to lunch ,visited the pet store and then back to their house to hang out. Brett watched Chloe outside so I could have one on one timeĀ with our grandson. That little boy is so sweet.

The only downfall of my birthday fun was on Thursday I got stung on the cheek by a sweat bee. My right cheek and eye has been swollen ever since. It has been quite painful and I didn’t take a lot of pics with me in them because of it. Today it is a bit better and I am applying cream to my cheek since it is red from all of the ice packs. I am still taking Benedryl, which only makes me sleepy. LOL

Today I am taking it extra easy, except for school with Chloe. My husband took off today, which is super awesome. I had a great weekend with family and my husband spoiled me rotten. I’d say I’m a pretty lucky lady.

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog today. Please become a follower by clicking the blue followers icon in the side bar. I hope all of your have a wonderful, blessed day.

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