Power Outage and No Sleep!!

power outage

Monday night as we quietly slipped into bed and calmly started falling asleep the power went out. Instant panic from me because I knew if Chloe woke up it would be BAD!! Hubby was more positive, as usual, and said everything would be ok. He fell asleep just as I heard “MOMMY”!!!! Here we go. I got a battery operated lantern out of my husband’s office and went to her room. I assured her everything was ok and put the lantern on her desk. I started out of the room, but didn’t get far. “Music” she yelled out and I explained I couldn’t turn it on right now. She started panicking and asked me to stay in her room.

The only thing I saw to lay on was her bean bag. I went and got my pillow and a blanket and tried to get comfortable. Chloe couldn’t relax and said “Mommy” every few minutes for over an hour. She finally quieted down and just laid in her bed scripting. I was very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. Finally a few hours later the air came on and I jumped up and turned on her music. I told her Mommy was going to bed. She seemed fine with her music back on.

I walked into our bedroom where Brett was sleeping very well. I’m thankful for that, I fell asleep for what felt like minutes before our morning began. Brett said she fell back to sleep about 5 am. He said we should get some batteries for Chloe’s radio, Agreed! Chloe hopped out of bed like she had a full nights sleep. I on the other hand can barely keep my eyes open. I am praying for a full nights sleep tonight for all of us.


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2 thoughts on “Power Outage and No Sleep!!”

  1. I am always amazed how little sleep my little one can get, and still function fine – where I drag all day long. What a tough night – I hope you all get a good night sleep tonight.


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