Learning Life Skills

Good Morning! I hope everyone’s day is getting off to a great start.

This homeschool year I am adding in Life Skills as part of Chloe’s curriculum. Chloe is 8 1/2 years old, but a bit younger developmentally. I started her off with dressing herself and brushing her teeth. She still requires guidance in these areas. I added washing herself in the bath and helping to dry herself after. These will take time, as she doesn’t understand why Mommy can’t just do it. LOL

I am also working on chores around the house. She likes to fold washcloths for me and put away silverware, if I catch her in a “helping” mood. So this week that is her 2 tasks. Help put up dishes and help with laundry. Hopefully she will be more eager than she was today.

Brett and I also encourage her to get her snacks out of the pantry and get her own bowl from the cabinet to put them in. She does pretty well with this. We have to guide her step by step, but she listens and follows through. I want to work on getting her own drink, but am not brave enough yet.

Even though Chloe will most likely live with us until we are no longer here she needs to learn to take care of as much as she can herself. That way whoever cares for her after we are gone will not have to do everything for her. We have a lot more to work on with Chloe, but I think we are off to a good start.

I really like the Montessori Method of teaching, I think it is a great way to teach children life and self help skills. Do any of you now or have you ever used Montessori methods to teach your children life skills? A child who is autistic requires so much repetitive teaching it can get tedious, but it is how learning must happen in our world. What are your thoughts on teaching children with or without delays life skills?

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4 thoughts on “Learning Life Skills”

  1. Sounds like a great start and way of teaching. I also have to dress Declan. He won’t let me brush his teeth (I wish he would because I swear he only gets to two of them). I would like to teach him more like skills, because he needs to learn them (and no I don’t want to do them forever either 🙂 )


      1. Yes, that is Declan and Bobby too – Bobby will brush regularly but only some teeth because he hates the way it feels. Declan hates the way it feels and getting him to brush is a challenge in itself. That brush really seems like a good idea!


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