Building Our Own Library


Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

I have mentioned in previous posts how our girl Chloe is really struggling going to public places. I know I have to expose her to places and not keep her in a bubble, but her anxiety is really high right now and she has developed facial tics. She loves books and I want her to have availability to as many books as she likes. I went today and bought a bookshelf for the living room. I went to the library and got a bag full of books for our homeschool lessons the next few weeks. My plan is to slowly fill it up with her favorite books and hopefully get her to pick some new ones as well.

I have always wanted to have a bookshelf full of books for her, but not in her room. She has a small amount of books in her room. Most she has had for many years. She tends to read the same ones over and over. I am hoping a new bookshelf full of new books will encourage her to try a few new ones. We have a Goodwill here that has an amazing selection of books. I am hoping to find a lot there. I also want to check ebay. Our goal is for Chloe to be happy. Sometimes that is NOT making her go places. We provide what she needs here at home.

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