Making Life Easier Part 3

Good Morning.

I love to Meal plan. The funny thing is how much work I put into it and then I forget an item and the plan gets all messed up. Right honey? If done right and efficiently it is a huge way to make life run so much smoother. No worrying about what I have to make for dinner.

We have a few meals that we eat every week. Tuesdays and Fridays are Mexican meals because we love Mexican food. My husband loves tacos the most, but I like to make enchiladas and other Mexican dishes too. Wednesday is usually fish and Thursday is cheeseburgers. Somewhere in there is pizza night and the others are filled in with chicken meals. We are trying to have a few light dinners with no cooking type meals. That’s a work in progress.

One of my goals is to make as many meals as I can that Chloe will eat with us. She is VERY PICKY and I do not like making another meal for her. If Chloe isn’t eating what we are having she usually wants noodles and cheese. So every now and then I add a pasta meal for everyone. I thought I would grill out more this summer, but it is just so hot here. Maybe in the fall. I will also add more soups and crockpot meals in the fall.

Its just a fact that simple meals save money. That is always my goal. So do weekly or bi-weekly meal planning and simplify your meals. It will make life easier.

What are your family’s go to simple meals?

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1 thought on “Making Life Easier Part 3”

  1. I always make meal plans but then forget about them! But I agree. They do make thinks easier!!


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