Making Life Easier Part 2

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

I decided to continue posting about the things we do to make our lives easier. That’s the goal, isn’t it? This one is probably one of my top favorites. How many of you use the online grocery shopping and pickup services in your area. OH MY GOODNESS!! This is a Autism parent’s dream. My Chloe really dislikes going to the grocery store. When we found out about this we jumped on board the next week.

This past Friday it got even better. My wonderful husband had me put the order in and he picked it up after work. I didn’t even have to get out! I told Chloe that Daddy was picking up the groceries and she just smiled.  I was disappointed they didn’t have the Capri Sun I wanted for only 99 cents, but that happens sometimes. I do enjoy when they are out of an item and then you get a better item for the same lower price. Pretty good deal.

Another thing they do that helps me is they bag like items together. Putting the groceries away takes minutes. Love it! I will run to Aldi or Dollar Store from time to time to pick up a few things, but we do our big trips with the online ordering and pickup. Now if they could just deliver them to my door, put them away, make dinner and do the dishes that would be perfect. LOL

How many of you use this service? What is your opinion about it?

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