Making Life Easier: Having A Minimalist Wardrobe

Good Monday morning everyone! I have been trying to think about what to post today. Then I decided to post about what we are working on in the minimizing department. One area Chloe and I are very minimal is our clothing. Since I homeschool I don’t have to worry about Chloe having an endless assortment of clothes for school. She is very picky about her clothing. Pants, not so much, but shirts are a serious matter for her. She likes 3 colors: Purple, Pink and Teal. I have tried to bring in a new color and she lets me know quickly she isn’t wearing that.

Chloe did surprise me when I purchased 3 tops from Walmart on clearance that had designs on them. She wore them without a fuss. I think it was because they contained her favorite colors. So Chloe has exactly 5 outfits for the week. I do laundry every 3 to 4 days, so it works out fine. Chloe has 2 pairs of tennis shoes and I try to get her a pair of boots for winter. Her toe walking makes it difficult for her to wear dress shoes. Her poor toes get so blistered.  I am currently buying pieces for fall. It is not easy! The colors she likes are in great supply in spring and summer, but in fall they are in short supply. I enjoy her having a small wardrobe. Battling over clothes is just something extra we don’t need to deal with.  I do miss the days when when she was younger and would wear anything I put on her, but Chloe does have a right to let me know what she wants to wear, within reason. LOL

I try to keep my wardrobe minimal as well. I am not a fashion diva. I just want clothes that are comfortable and make me feel good about myself. I have a weeks worth of clothes, plus 2 dressier outfits if needed. I have a pair of slip on dress shoes, flip flops, one pair of boots and a pair of tennis shoes. If a shirt gets stained or shrinks I get a replacement. I get so stressed if we have to many clothes. My husband has his work wardrobe and his at home clothes. Oh and we each have 2 sets of pajamas.  Laundry is a piece of cake when you have a smaller wardrobe.

Every season I go through clothes and get rid of ones that are stained, have shrunk or Chloe has outgrown. I usually buy her winter coat a size bigger so she can wear it for 2 winters. I save back what she might be able to still wear the next year.

That’s one thing we do to make our home run easier. Do any of you have a minimal wardrobe? How does it make life easier for you?

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