Our Morning At The Park

When Chloe woke up I never expected her to ask to go to the park. She hasn’t been in a year, because of a bullying incident. I asked her if she was sure and she said “Go park morning”. So off we went with me praying all the way it would go well and she would have fun.

When we got there I saw 3 little toddlers and a homeschool family of about 4  or 5 boys. She grabbed my hand as we walked to the playground, but was excited and smiling. She ran to the slide and very nicely waited for the way smaller girl in front of her to climb the stairs. Chloe has always been gentle and patient with little ones on the playground. I am so thankful for that.

Next it was time to swing!! This is Chloe’s all time favorite thing to do on a playground. She loves the motion and the wind in her face. She stayed on there for almost 25 minutes. She is starting to figure out how to swing her legs to make herself go higher. I’ll be so glad when she figures it out. It’s hard to push her as long as she wants to swing. Phew!  Chloe saw two little girls on the merry go round and waited patiently for her turn. I don’t know how I use to spin on those things. I got dizzy just watching Chloe go round and round.

Once the older boys left she wanted to try the zip line. She was completely silent and I thought she was afraid. I ran along side it the first time. The second time Chloe said “Stay”. I pulled her back and let her go. She loved it! She giggled and shouted “Again”! She rode it about 5 times and then said it was time to go. She chugged a whole bottle of water when we got in the car. It was really hot.

I think she had a good time and I was proud of her because more and more children were showing up the whole time and she didn’t panic to much. She did cover her ears a lot and every now and then she grabbed my hand. I’m so happy she got to go and do something different. I told her we would go back next week. She didn’t answer me, but hopefully she will want to go.

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3 thoughts on “Our Morning At The Park”

  1. I’m so glad Chloe had a good time! I can’t imagine pushing her on a swing for 25 minutes though!!


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