Week 2 of Homeschool Highlights


We have come to the end of our 2nd week of homeschool. I couldn’t be prouder of Chloe. She has not thrown hardly any fits. (Only one I think). She is working so hard and shocking me with what she remembers. We have been reviewing  a lot the first 2 weeks and her memory is excellent.

I almost cried today when we were working on an addition file folder game and she did every addition fact in her head. She usually uses manipulatives to add and subtract, but not today !! I was giving her so many high fives. We have started using a bible journal, which for her it will mainly be to draw pictures related to the Bible story we are reading. Eventually I hope she can write short sentences about the stories.

I try to break up her work between worksheets and hands on activities. Chloe watches some of her Science, Social Studies and History on YouTube. She also does Math work on MathGames.com.

Today was the first day of school for our local school district and Chloe asked to go to the Library. I was hoping it would be quiet, but there were about 30 preschool and toddlers in there for story time. Chloe shut down fast. You can see her above just sitting in the chair. We didn’t get any books or videos. She finally asked to go home. I hate that she feels so anxious in public. I still feel it is my responsibility to try.

We haven’t had any field trips yet. As you can imagine these are not easy for Chloe. I am hoping to take her to our local Art and Science Museum in the next few weeks. I personally can’t wait for the pumpkin patches to open. She loves those!

Well that is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading our blog. I hope you continue to check in each day. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

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