We Made Pizza!!

I love baking and cooking with Chloe. If she is really in the mood she has a ball. She loves pizza and always gets excited when we make it. I wanted to try a gluten free recipe today and hoped that Chloe would like it. I think Chloe’s favorite thing to do in any recipe is to crack the eggs into the bowl. Then she get grossed out and immediately has to wash her hands.

She also loves to sprinkle the cheese on top, but asked me to do it today, which was not like her at all. She ate quite a bit of it, but wasn’t so sure about the crust. It was a bit grainy and with my sensory issues I couldn’t tolerate it. Most likely that’s why she didn’t want more.

I try to do one big cooking activity with Chloe a week. Usually it’s baking cookies or homemade bread. I love doing homemade breads with her. She loves kneading the dough. I am going to start working with her on making sandwiches. She is doing well getting her own snacks.  Pouring drinks is still pretty tough for her. Lack of muscle control makes it hard.

I include all cooking activities in our Math and Reading curriculum. Plus it is a great life skill to learn. I am thinking about making Chloe her own little cook book with simple recipes she loves. I will share it after we get it made.

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2 thoughts on “We Made Pizza!!”

  1. That is wonderful that she likes to cook and you cook together. When my kids are moaning about the dinner I have planned, sometimes I get more tolerance if I let them help out. I eat gluten free as well – and I know what you mean about the grainy texture. The kids always pick up when I try to change a recipe on them too – clever kids 🙂

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