Our Sensory Seeker

Chloe is a major sensory seeker. No matter what activities we do to calm her she wants MORE!! Today was tough getting homeschool work started because she absolutely could not be still. After breakfast we decided to go outside. She was just sitting around and I was like “OK why are you being so still now”?? Then she started getting grumpy and I figured out she didn’t know what to do to help herself.

I picked up some pine needles and started slowly dropping them. Chloe walked over and started doing the same. Next she walked over to the pine tree, reached up, and started rubbing her hand across the pine needle branches. She stayed at the tree about 5 minutes and then sat down again. I got the idea to draw with chalk.

Drawing on the concrete would give her sensory input through her hands and fingers. She wrote her letters and then wanted me to draw a hopscotch path. That really helped her. She jumped through it so many times. After she was finished she asked me if she could swim. I filled up her pool and she just sat in it, pouring water over her head. I never know what is making her feel so out of sync, but we figure out to regulate her the best we can.

Once we finished our school work she got super hyper and needed back rubs and tickles to calm down. She also played with her therapy putty for a bit as well.

Do any of you have any at home sensory activities to share? I would love to hear them.

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