Creating a Minimalist Home

I grew up with a Mom who was very organized and loved a clean home. I was always a messy kid, not dirty, just had a lot of clutter. As a result I never could find anything when I needed it. Fast forward 30 years and yes I am a bit better, but not where I want to be. I have gotten rid of so much, but there is still more to part with.

I have read many articles about how children with or without special needs benefit from a minimalist lifestyle. I desperately want to create a cozy, uncluttered home for my family. My daughter Chloe’s room is always a mess. She must have everything on the floor where she can see it. This makes my head spin. She doesn’t want her bed made and if I do make it she falls apart. I have been slowly removing a little at a time to improve things. If she asks for something back I will return it. Her toys are more than toys to her, they are her world. We taught her when she was younger to clean up her toys after playing. It wasn’t until around age 7 that she started refusing to put them up. It is like a security blanket to be able to see all of her toys.

My husband and I have been slowly buying décor for our new home. I am not a good decorator. I just know I don’t want a lot to dust. We are using the colors teal, yellow and green, which Chloe loves and they are calming to her. We must think of her in most everything we do. How will it affect her? Will this change upset her?

I also have reached an age and time in my life that I totally understand why my Mom’s house was and is so organized and clean. I get so anxious with clutter now. My husband is also extremely organized and tidy. Oh I want to get there and I have been working on it for years it feels like. Since my goal is to have less stress in my life this is another area that will help with that. I am going to work on this for the next few weeks. I am hoping to sell some things and trash others. Chloe’s room will be the big challenge. It just needs good organization. She is just adamant that everything stays where she puts it. NO CLEANING UP!!! I will take some pictures along the way and post them when I am finished. If any of you have any tips please share. I know this will benefit Chloe so much. Her little mind is full of so much already.

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