Visiting Family

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!!

Every few weeks we go to visit our grandson, oh and his parents too (Matt and Amanda). LOL. My husband Brett’s oldest daughter has a 9 month old son. He is so awesome and we are over the moon as Grandpa and Mimi. We drive about 1 1/2 hours to see them. Actually all of our family live in that area. All of our adult children, my parents and my siblings live in that general area. We try to visit as often as we can.

Chloe loves to visit her sisters. She was excited to see her oldest sister Amanda, especially because she was going to have some one on one time with her. Chloe is a bit jealous of her baby nephew. She pretty much stays away from him. She will just say “Hi Braum”. When we got to their house Matt took Chloe outside to play. She had a wonderful time. She even threw a Frisbee for the first time.  On our way to eat at Chloe’s favorite restaurant we surprised her by telling her Mattie, one of her other sisters would be joining us. She just giggled. Mattie is my oldest daughter. She lived the longest with Chloe before getting out on her own over a year ago.

After lunch we all went back to Amanda and Matt’s house. Chloe, of course, wanted to go right back outside. Amanda wanted to show her the hammock. Chloe loves anything that swings, so she was ready!! I loved seeing her hugging on her sisters. I actually got emotional when I saw Chloe and Mattie in the swing holding hands. So sweet. We try to get Chloe to interact with her nephew, but she is just very uneasy around him. Hopefully as he gets older she will play with him. We know she loves him and prays for him every night. I think it’s because he’s at the age of being very grabby and she just not sure about it. Braum really loves her, so we hope they can build a relationship someday.

We were all pretty tired once we got home. Chloe fell fast asleep within minutes of going to bed. I asked her this morning if she had fun yesterday and she said “YES”!! We are praying someday we can move closer to home so she can see her family more often. They are really the only other people she connects with other than us. She loves them so much and misses them a lot. We all had a nice time hanging out and look forward to the next visit in a few weeks.

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1 thought on “Visiting Family”

  1. Hi Grace, Thank you for stopping by and feedback that you love my blog! I know of an old time old friend who found out her son was diagnosed with autism. At first she was devastated, but now that her son is 8 years old (too), she has learned a lot of self-management skills and since then, she became more like her usual self. It is indeed very hard to meet people who are lack of the awareness and acceptance to any form of disabilities, I totally understand and sees her struggling during that phase but am so very glad that now its over. Each time we part, I always give her a big hug and whisper to her that she must ‘Take GOOD care of her own soul first!’ It always leave a tear in my eye in that moment. I may not totally be able to understand what she’s going through, but I hope she knows I am always behind her, giving her all the moral support that she needs- being a woman, being a mother, most of all being a mother with a child with autism. She must know that all the efforts that she makes is appreciated.


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