There’s No Place Like Home


Happy Friday Everyone !!

My girl is most comfortable at home. She will ask to go out sometimes, but once she is there for it doesn’t take long before she is overwhelmed and ready to leave. It makes me sad. Chloe can’t tell me why she is so upset, but if you watch her you can figure it out. She will cover her ears and bury her head into me.  Sometimes she will rock or start scripting a song over and over. We know she is bothered by bright lights, like fluorescent, noise and to many people. I am reminded by the movie Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis and the little boy with autism that he is protecting. The therapist tells Bruce Willis that the boy hears EVERYTHING all at once. Imagine trying to process so many voices and noises at the same time. I have sensory issues myself. If I am in WalMart to long I literally get sick. I know she feels worse than I do.

So how do we handle these situations? We never force her to go somewhere that she clearly tells us she doesn’t want to go to, unless it’s a doctor or therapist. If we are somewhere and she starts showing stress her Dad will take her to the truck, while I finish shopping. I try to do errands when she can stay home with Dad. If I have to take her somewhere she is uncomfortable with I use a cart she can sit in or use the special needs cart.  I keep a backpack with sensory items and snacks for her. She takes her buddies (stuffed characters or small character toys) with her. We have found suckers work well with her to lower stress as well. It helps with her sensory issues and distracts her.

She has one restaurant she will eat in and it’s not in our town. When we visit our family there we make sure we eat there. She also loves the Zoo. It’s more spread out and she loves the Carousel. We try to encourage her to try new places, but if she gets upset we don’t force it. People have told me “You need to make her adjust so she will learn”. Well I also need to respect her ability to handle situations. Would you want to be forced to endure a place or situation that made you feel massively stressed? We will have new places to explore this homeschool year. I pray she can enjoy each place we go.

Do any of you have children who feel excess anxiety over going places? Do you get anxiety about going to certain places? How do you handle it?

Thank you for checking out our blog today. Please share with everyone! Check back tomorrow to see what we are up too. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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