Learning Outdoors


Happy Thursday Everyone !

We have enjoyed a few days of lower temperatures. When there were breaks in the rain I made sure Chloe got outside. I just wiped off her slide and the rocking chair so she would have a few things to do. We have a huge pine tree in our back yard. Chloe loves being able to reach up and touch the pine needles. She found a bird’s nest a few weeks ago and has been carrying it around trying to find a bird for it. Our neighbor has a ceramic bird on her fence and occasionally Chloe checks to see if it wants it. LOL.

I decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to teach her how birds build their nests and why. We looked at it and talked about what it was built with and then I told her why they build them. She kept saying “It’s bird’s house” and then said “Eggs gone”. I showed her a video about how the birds are born and when they are big enough they fly away. We had a lot of fun learning about the nest she found. When we were finished she started picking up pine needles and rocks and started building her own nests and then started yelling “Tweet ” so the birds would come and sit in her nest. Super Cute.

This is unschooling at it’s best. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. There are so many opportunities to learn outside. I’m hoping we can go on tons of nature walks this fall. She loves to go on those. Last night she started drawing birds on her dry erase board. Loving it!!!

Thank you so much for reading our blog today. Please check back each day to see what we are up to . You can follow by hitting the blue following button in the sidebar or follow by email. Share my blog with everyone please. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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