First Day of Homeschool

Good Morning. Yesterday was our first day of homeschool for the  2018-2019 school year. This will be our 3rd year of homeschooling. I always begin the first day with the First Day of School picture, which is tough because she doesn’t always look at the camera. I did my best. I was very proud of her for wearing one of her new outfits and letting me put a bow in her hair. She hasn’t worn a bow in her hair in probably a year.

We started our day with Chloe’s morning binder. It includes calendar work, learning her address and phone # and reviewing a few concepts she struggles with. Next was Math and she started to lose focus. This happens all throughout our school day. I have decided this year to begin year around homeschool. I noticed she struggled to remember things she knew very well back in May. I don’t want her to regress, so we are going to give year around homeschool a try. Chloe did catch on quickly once we got going, so that was great!

The other subjects we cover are Language Arts/Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science/Social Studies, Bible History, Art/Music, and Physical Education. We alternate Science and Social Studies by doing Science one week and Social Studies the next. We do the same with Art and Music. Physical Education is mostly outside time and we can play hopscotch or other outside games. If it rains I try to get Chloe to do movement activities inside. She has not been happy with the rain the past 2 days.

This week and next week will be review weeks. Then we will start new curriculum and I will be weaving in Speech and Occupational therapies into her school day. I am really trying to get her to work on life skills as well. I will post more about her therapies once I get everything organized. She only had one small fit, so that was a big win. She ended her day with lots of play and tickles from Dad.

Thank you for checking out our blog today. Please continue to follow us each day. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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