Keeping Our Home Organized During The Homeschool Year

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are enjoying your day. I wanted to post about how I try to keep our home organized during the homeschool year. Things will change drastically beginning Monday. Our days will be busy and time can easily get away from me. I know I need a plan to keep our home running smoothly. Here is my plan:

!) Get us earlier to do my bible devotion and prepare for the day. This will be tough since I am struggling with my energy level lately.

2) Make a Meal Plan and stick to it. I will plan out every meal and even snacks. No guess work.

3) Prepare certain foods ahead of time like cutting up veggies and cook up and freeze extra beef for meals. I hope to make freezer meals and bake breads and muffins to freeze.

4) Try very hard to stay on routine. I have to be flexible at times for Chloe if she has an off day.

5) Tidy up as we go. A mess can happen fast during our school day. My plan is to have Chloe put away each activity before we start another.

6) I will keep up with housework by cleaning one room a day during Chloe’s free time.

7) I will stay ahead on lesson planning. I have a months worth done to begin our school year. I don’t want  it  to sneak up on me. Saturday afternoons will be planning time when Chloe is playing or watching her movie.

8) Keep laundry done by setting up a specific day to do it and Chloe can help as part of her life skills therapy.

9) Get outside every day we can. It helps to get fresh air and breaks up the school day.. It keeps our spirits up.

10) Have Fun and Smile. Some days are going to be hard. The house may get messier than I like or Chloe will be fussier and we won’t get a lot done. I am determined to push on and not get stressed out. I can hear my husband laughing right about now. LOL.

**This is my plan of action for keeping it all together. If anyone has another suggestion please share. I would love to hear it. Thank you for checking out our blog today. You can become a follower through my email. I hope everyone has a blessed day.



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