Last Day Of Summer Break: My Fun Interview With Chloe


We have had a busy and fun Summer! We moved to our new house and spent the Summer doing lots of different activities. I decided to do a little end of the summer interview with Chloe. She was very eager to answer my questions. NOT!!! I am typing exactly what she said in her own cute words. I had to reword some of the questions so she understood them. Here we go!!

  1. Did you have a fun summer break?  Chloe: Its summer break. Yes and
  2. What did you do on summer break? Chloe: Swim in pool, play toys, go Nana and Papaw’s house, Papaw go fishing, go to library, get books and videos. I see fireworks at dark., move to new house, Mattie’s (sister) dog jump and lick you, dog put in house, go see baby Braum, and she said Jump in pool.
  3. What is your favorite food? Chloe: Noodles, Cheese, Pizza, Noodles, Noodles, Noodles  !!! I think the neighbors heard her. LOL
  4. What is your favorite animal? Chloe: Dog
  5. What is your favorite Zoo animal? Chloe: Giraffe and ride Carousel.
  6. What do you do with Daddy? Chloe: Play games. Daddy tickle Chloe.
  7. What do you do with Mommy? Chloe: Go outside. Mommy no get in the pool. Read Books with Mommy.
  8. What is your favorite color? Chloe: Pink. (She zoned out on this one and it took her about 5 minutes to answer)
  9. What is your favorite toy? Chloe: Buddies. These are her stuffed Mickey Mouse and other Disney stuffed toys and her little characters. They are all just called Buddies.
  10. Are you excited for Mommy School? (That’s what she calls it) Chloe: VERY LONG PAUSE……. She finally whispers “Yes”. Not to convincing.

We are really enjoying this beautiful day outside today. No humidity and a light breeze. I asked Chloe what she wanted to do today and she said play outside and have a picnic outside. That is exactly what we are doing. Plus as a special treat, she is getting to face time with her sister Mattie on my phone. It doesn’t take a lot to make Chloe happy sometimes. Next week I will do a Homeschool Day in the life, as well as my meal plan schedule for the school year. I would also like to start posting other things about our life too. I am a frugal shopper and love finding great deals at Consignment shops.. I find a lot of things for Chloe there.

Thanks so much for checking out our blog today. Please become a follower by hitting the blue following icon in the sidebar. Leave a comment telling me how you like the blog and if there is anything you would like me to blog about. Please share my blog so I can reach out to others and share our story. Thanks and have a blessed day.

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