Library and Maggie’s Cupcakes


Good Afternoon. We have been running around today trying to find fun things to do. We have 3 more days until the start of our homeschool year, so I want Chloe to have a fun week. The first place we went is the library. She is starting to relax more as they finish all of the construction. The children’s area was buzzing with homeschool families and other kids checking out tons of books. I always say I need one of those crate carts with theĀ  wheels so I can fill it upĀ with a months worth of books. Chloe, as usual, picked a movie she won’t ever watch and we found 3 books to take home. There were some kids playing with blocks in the activity area, so she sat and watched them build a tower. Then she was off !! It was like herding a wild bull. I finally got her to stand still for 2 seconds when she raced off to the elevator. We rode it down, walked the stairs back upĀ  and rode it down again. Phew!! Finally she said “Time to go and we went to checkout our items.

Next she wanted to go to the Dollar Tree. Once we were in there she started to flap her hands. It was a bit busy. I tried to get her to the toy section, but she kept trying to climb in the cart. I told her she was to big for the cart and she said “But I’m 7″!! I said ” No you are 8 and as tall as me”. She didn’t like that answer and was ready to leave. She made sure to getĀ 2 gumballs before we headed out the door. I asked her if she wanted to go to the park and she said “No thanks”.

Finally we ended up at Maggie’s Cupcakes. Such a sweet little shop near our house. They sell the biggest cupcakes and wow they are yummy. Chloe picked the Birthday Cake flavor and I got Brett and I the Chocolate Turtle flavor. Chloe just giggled as she ate hers, saying “Oh my goodness”. I tried to get to go to the farmers market next door, but she was done and ready to go home.

We also turned in our Intent to Homeschool letter today. The lady at the school office was so sweet with Chloe. Chloe said “No school, Mommy school”!! She was super nice and said “Well you have a great Mommy school year”. There are days I wish she could go to public school, but I know she is happier at home and I get to be a teacher, which was always my dream.

I hope all of your are having a blessed day. I hope you will become a follower of our blog by hitting the blue follower button in the sidebar. Leave a comment letting me know how you like the blog or if you would like me to post about anything specific. Thanks for visiting today,

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