The Son Rise Program: Miracles Of Love


Good morning. I have a very fussy girl in the house this morning. Chloe got plenty of sleep last night, but something just isn’t ok with her. Last night after I put her to bed I finished a great movie on YouTube called Miracles of Love. It was the movie about the Kauffman family. Barry and Sue Kauffman had 2 healthy daughters and then their son Raun was born. He was unhappy even as an infant. He cried all the time. The doctors at the hospital he was taken to after a bad illness said they were sure he was deaf . They noticed, even at 1 years old he didn’t respond to his name or any contact they made with him. He would just stare or bang a spoon over and over. Raun was diagnosed with infantile autism before he was 2. No one would give him therapy before age 3. This was in the 70’s before Early Intervention programs. They were told by many evaluators that he would never be able to speak or learn anything. These parents would not give up and after much research and visits to schools and programs, that upset them intensely, they decided to work with him themselves. I don’t want to give away the best parts of the movie, but these determined parents spent 75 hours a week working with their son. They got on his level and copied his behaviors. They wanted to enter his world and pull him out into theirs. Today Raun Kauffman is an adult who lives a very normal life and has written his own book called Autism Breakthrough. His father, Barry Kaufman wrote Son Rise The Miracle Continues. Barry and his wife opened a clinic to help other families and children. They have helped so many children. They also train parents to work with their children at home. A wonderful success story.

Would I try their methods? I actually did. Chloe wasn’t as severe, but I did get increased eye contact.  I was told I shouldn’t do this because it might make Chloe think her “abnormal” movements were ok to do. I listened, but was always thinking I should have stuck to it. Sometimes the “normal” treatments don’t help and you have to reach them another way. I believe some children can recover, but some never do. I don’t know  why one child makes so much progress over another that is being treated by the same programs or treatments. Chloe has made a lot of progress over the years. She has had speech, OT, and music therapies. My husband and I work with her at home. I keep thinking “Oh if Chloe could get this or that treatment she would be so much better”. Who’s to say she would or wouldn’t be better. All I know is, like the Kauffman’s I will never give up.

I just wanted to share about this family. Check our their books and the movie. They really inspired me to keep going, even on the toughest of days. Thanks you for checking out our blog today. Please become a follower by clicking the blue followers button on the sidebar. Leave a comment below with any questions or comments about today’s post. Have wonderful day and God Bless.

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