Home Speech and OT Therapy and Haircut Panic

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! We are worn out here after Miss Chloe decided to be up most of the night. She was up 3 times before 3 am and then decided to stay awake after that. I have her outside in her pool to relax her. She is quite moody with very little sleep.

I wanted to share one of Chloe’s fears that surfaced Sunday night. I was getting a haircut and Chloe was not liking it. She not only dislikes her own haircut, but doesn’t like when I cut mine either. She will say “Don’t cut hair like a boy”! If I do cut Chloe’s hair, oh and only I or her sister Matiie can cut it, I never cut it up to her ears. She needs hair to muffle sound. So whenever we trim it she panics big time. That’s why I can no longer put her hair up in piggy tails or a ponytail. I miss those days. Now I’m lucky if I can hold her down long enough to brush it. She was fine once my haircut was over.

As I have mentioned before I do Chloe’s speech and OT therapies myself at home right now. Its just something we can not afford to take her to at this time. Right now I am working with her on answering questions using what, where, why, when and how. She does well with what questions, but doesn’t consistently do well on the others. I am also teaching her sign language to help when she just can’t get the words out. Hoping this will help when she is upset and emotional. Chloe learns very well from flashcards so I am making her some sign language cards to look at. I also have her watch short videos on YouTube showing kids doing sign language. She already knows a lot of signs.

Doing OT work with Chloe is a bit tougher. I tried doing Yoga with her yesterday, but she fought me. I think it is uncomfortable for her. Her toe walking has made her legs quite stiff, which is why I try to get her to stretch a lot during the day. We also worked with stretchy bands with her hands and feet. She loves to bounce on her big blue ball. We can do many fun activities with it.  Fine motor work included working with putty, cutting with scissors and playing in her rice sensory bucket. She loves her sensory buckets. I can’t always get pictures of her doing therapy since I have to keep her focused.  It is so much work to do therapy with her myself plus homeschool starting next week, but I just pray everyday that God helps us get as much done as we can.

Chloe has been toe walking since she was 2. Her doctors never seemed concerned because it didn’t seem to affect her in a negative way. Now it does! She is unable to stand flat footed without losing her balance and she can barely run. We are praying we can afford to take her to see an Orthopedic soon. I suspect she will wear braces or even possibly have surgery, which is scary. So until we can do that I am working with her on keeping her ankles and feet stretched well and we work on balance exercises.

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