Busy Saturday/Lazy Sunday


Good Monday Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had lots of bad storms here in Ky. Prayers for the people who experienced damage.

We had a roller coaster of a weekend here. I had plans on Saturday to go check out back to school deals. I don’t need a lot, but wanted to get out of the house and look around. Chloe was not happy that I was leaving and started being rude and yelling out. Luckily it didn’t last long and once she went to her room to play I decided to head out. Back to school sales are so addicting. Stores know how to set items up to make you think you need them. I went to Target first to check out their Target Dollar Spot. I bought a set of Little Red Riding Hood puppets. Chloe loves that story right now and I knew she would use them. I also got a social skills book, a get ready in the morning book and a pocket chart calendar. Chloe gets super frustrated with the tacky on the numbers of our current calendar. Hopefully she will use this. Next I went to Walmart. I stocked up on Elmers glue, markers, dry erase markers and I got a few notebooks for Chloe to draw in. I also picked up some new scissors for her and a writing notebook. Last, but not least, I stopped by the Dollar Tree. I usually love this store, but the one by my house had nothing. I was disappointed. I headed home right before the storms hit. The rest of the day we played with Chloe when she asked us and I drew pictures for her. I worked on making my lesson plan binder and started lesson planning.

Sunday was a lazy day. Brett and I woke up not feeling to well. I have hypothyroidism and every now and then I have days with ZERO energy. I can’t seem to stay awake. Luckily Brett was home so I could doze when needed. So we just rested and played with Chloe whenever she wanted. She mostly just wanted to be tickled. She has a favorite game right now, which is her version of I got your nose. She pretends to pull off her own nose and I say ‘Oh no where is your nose”!! She pops it back on and I reply “There it is”! Yes this is a game toddlers play, but if I can get back and forth interaction from Chloe I don’t care. She still likes Peek-a Boo. Remember she is developmentally delayed in social skills. She is probably between 2 to 3 1/2 years developmentally in the social skill area. Chloe had another great day of behavior. Brett and I got to rest, which was awesome!!

Not an exciting weekend, but they all can’t be, can they? This week we are starting a new at home therapy routine. Check in tomorrow to see what we will be working on. Also click the blue followers button on the side bar to follow our blog. Leave a comment if you wish and thank you so much for checking us out today. Have a blessed day.


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