Visiting Nana and Papaw’s House

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope your day is going great so far.

Yesterday Chloe and I went on a little road trip to my parents house. It’s about 1 1/2 hours away, bur Chloe loves to ride in the car. I looked back at one point to see she had her blanket over her head. I guess she needed private time. LOL. She loves to sing in the car, but after awhile she asked me to put on an 80’s cd I have. She gets so excited bouncing around she shakes the car. I am happy she does well on road trips.

Once we got there she immediately has to eat. She say “Hot dogs please”? I make her ask my mom if she may have some. Chloe was so excited to see one of her sisters was there to. She ran to her and hugged her. Her sister Mattie is the youngest of her older sisters. She lived with Chloe the longest of all of her older siblings before she moved out. Chloe loves her to pieces!! When Chloe is at my parents she loves to swing on there porch swing. She will stay out there for hours, no matter the weather. Yesterday she watched her Papaw mow the yard. She loves her Nana and Papaw, but because of her autism she doesn’t show it like other children might. She may walk up and touch their arms or walk by and giggle, but she doesn’t interact a lot with them. It’s sad sometimes, because they are her only grandparents. I know she loves them since she talks about them all the time and lets me know when she wants to go to their house. They have a few dogs that Chloe loves to talk about. One recently passed away and I had to help her understand that she wouldn’t be there when she got to their house. She still loved on Gracie, their black Scottish Terrier. Chloe likes dogs as long as they don’t jump on her.

When it was time to leave my Dad discovered I had a flat tire. UGH and Chloe didn’t take it well either. We were almost down the driveway when I saw my Dad running down the hill flagging me down. He may be almost 65, but that man can run!! I told Chloe our tire was broke and we had to go back to Nana and Papaw’s house. Oh was she ever upset. She refused to get out of the car for a 1/2 hour. I’m so thankful my Dad saw it. He got it fixed and we were back on the road.  She kept saying , all the way home, “Papaw fixed the tire, its ok”. We had a great ride home with more 80’s music and singing. Chloe was so glad to be home. She ran around laughing and asking for tickles. It was a good day for her.

I don’t post pictures of family members who tell me not to. That’s why you don’t see pictures of my parents or my older daughter. My older daughter doesn’t like me to post pictures if her hair isn’t done, right Mattie? We are expecting storms today, so not to sure what Chloe and I will get into today. I told her we needed a house cleaning day. She said “No thanks”! LOL I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and God bless.

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