We Made Cookies!!

We had so much fun yesterday. We made gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I think her favorite part is cracking the eggs. She, of course, kept asking for one cookie after another. I had to hide them. LOL. We were going to make some regular chocolate chip cookies, but ran out of time.  Bsking is such a great activity for children with autism. It teaches following directions, and has some sensory input as well.

We moved on to craft time next. Chloe loves caterpillars and wanted to make a pop stick caterpillar. She doesn’t look very excited in the pictures, but she had fun. I’m hoping to get her to do a craft a few days a week. We ended our day with more pool time. Chloe decided to make it a pond pool by adding rocks and sticks. She had so much fun! I use to panic about things like that, but it shows her imagination is growing and everything is cleanable.

We are hanging out at Nana and Papaw’s today and will post about our visit tomorrow. Everyone have a wonderful and blessed day.

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