Our Crafty Day


What a beautiful morning we are having in Ky. No humidity to take your breath away. Yesterday I planned a few activities for Chloe. She always starts out in her pool and enjoyed shooting her water shooter. I always have to remind her not to shoot over the neighbors fences. LOL. I set up a caterpillar craft outside. I used an egg carton and had her paint her half. It had to be pink, of course, her favorite color of the week. Next week it will be purple. She didn’t want to paint very long, but every attempt is great. Once inside she added eyes and antennas. It was a simple craft, but like I said I’m just trying to get her to do some arts and crafts. Next we played with sand and bugs. I found this set for $3.00 at Target. The sand is like Kinetic sand and really soft and squishy. She loved building homes for the bugs and then hiding them in the sand. I highly recommend Kinetic sand for every child. I love playing with it!!

After dinner I wanted to work on the landscaping out front. I set Chloe up with a bucket of chalk and she loved drawing on the sidewalk. Her drawing has improved so much over the summer, which also strengthens her hand muscles for writing. These crafts and activities may seem simplistic, but for Chloe this was a big craft day.

Later today we will do another type of caterpillar craft and a surprise baking activity that goes along with her favorite book from the library . Check in with us tomorrow and see what we made. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

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