Preparing For A New Homeschool Year

20180716_133152Good Morning. Before I start talking about our new homeschool year check out that smile above. She agreed to go to Kroger, but had to sit in the cart until she felt comfortable being there. Do you know how hard it is to lift a 95 lb. child into a shopping cart when she is as tall as you are. Phew let me tell you, it’s rough!!

I am getting closer to being ready to begin our homeschool year. I have been working on Chloe’s portfolio the past few days. IF you don’t know what a portfolio is its like a record book for your child. It has attendance, letter of intent to homeschool, goals for the year, evaluations, lesson plans and work that we are required to keep for each month. I pick her best work and put it in the portfolio binder in case they ever want to check up on her.

Beginning school is a stressful time for Chloe and I. I dread telling her because her response is always “NO SCHOOL, SUMMER BREAK”!!!!! She cries and has a tantrum or two. I thought being home would soften the blow, but to her school is school no matter where it takes place. I have a plan that will hopefully make the transition a bit better. I am going to plan a going back to school party. We will do whatever she wants as far as activities and eat her favorite food. I will talk about school and add lots of “Yeas and Yipees” to it. Lol. The first day of school we will take our usual picture and have a special breakfast. We will do a few learning activities and learning games to get her use to sitting down at the table again. Then the rest of the afternoon will be all fun. Hopefully swimming and playing.

I want Chloe to love learning. I know parts of it are difficult for her, but she loves books and can read at her grade level. She just doesn’t like to write or do subjects like Science and Social Studies. I have come up with a different way of teaching those this year that will hopefully peak her interest. We are doing way more hands on learning activities, file folder games and way less worksheets. She will do a lot of writing in a daily journal. I will have to guide her with this a bit, but I think she will enjoy it. She has gotten way more interested in drawing, so I will use that in many lessons. I will also be working on speech, self help skills and occupational therapy with her as part of her school day. It sounds overwhelming when typing all of this out, but I have confidence it will all go as well as it can go. Sure Chloe will have days she doesn’t want to do anything, but we will do what we can and not get overstressed.

So that is where we are at this point and time. July 30th is coming fast and I for one am excited to start a new homeschool year. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section. Please follow our journey by hitting the blue following button in the side bar. Have a great day and God bless.


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