Tough Weekend and Visual Schedules


Good morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was up and down. I always say parenting Chloe is like riding an emotional roller coaster. Saturday we went to visit or Grandson. They live about 1 1/2 hrs away and usually Chloe enjoys riding in the truck.  She didn’t want to go and I had to entice her with a sucker. I hate doing that, but sometimes I have to. When we arrived she immediately wanted to go to their basement. We feel she is quite jealous of the baby and he loves her and wants to play with her. Chloe gets very stressed over him reaching for her an his excited squeals. It was a tough day for her and at one point she said “Time to go home”. Once we got home she watched her movie, but was noticeably agitated. She fussed going to bed and yelled a lot.

Sunday was worse, as Brett had to go to work for awhile and she woke up saying “Bye Daddy”. Once Brett left Chloe threw a 2 hour fit. I still am not sure what set her off. That’s one thing I really dislike about Autism. I wish she could tell me why she’s upset. She was cranky pretty much all day until right before bed. Phew!! I was exhausted . That was our weekend. Hoping for a better week.

Today I wanted to share about our visual schedule we use with Chloe. I have been lax with it during summer break, but feel its time to implement it again. I have tried many versions with her. I have tried a flip card system and one that I post on the wall. She would skip the cards she didn’t like in the flip card system and wouldn’t pay attention to the one on the wall. So I decided she needed more hands on involvement in the schedule process. So I made her a file folder Velcro schedule. Once she completes a task she moves the card over to All Done. This seems to work well. We started today and she completed eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and brushing hair before her morning movie. There are many versions on the internet you can print off. If you are having a hard time getting your kiddos going in the morning or even getting them to bed at night a schedule may help. I use this schedule during her homeschool day as well. It helps her see what she has completed and what is left to do. As we get closer to beginning our homeschool year I will add cards with table activities to get her use to sitting for short periods of time again. If your child has problems with transitions this is very helpful as well.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. Hit the blue followers button to follow me and check out Amazon products posted. If purchased through my blog I get a percentage and those proceeds go to provide for Chloe’s therapy needs. Have a blessed day.

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