Happy Friday!! Library Day and Going to the Carwash


Its Friday !!!  Chloe and I headed out to the Library after lunch. We decided to go later in hopes it wouldn’t be as busy. Thank goodness we waited because it was a lot better. They have made many changes to the children’s floor. Chloe is excited, but a bit anxious, because things are in a different area and there are big floor rugs missing that she loved. She grabbed a video that I assume she isn’t going to watch and handed me a few books she just grabbed off the shelf. I tried to get her to look around for certain books she likes, but she wouldn’t stop walking around long enough for me to focus her. She finally said “Time to go Mom”. We checked out and then headed for the car wash.

Chloe loves the car wash. We haven’t been to one here, so I knew she would be excited! Her frowny face in the picture above is because it was almost over. She kept yelling “The car is clean, Yea”!!!! I can not wait for cooler weather so we can go to the park and the zoo. Tomorrow we are going to go see our grandson. Chloe gets excited about taking long rides in the truck.

Next week I will post how we are getting ready to start our Homeschool year. July 30th is our first day of school. I hope you will keep stopping by and checking in on us. I pray all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

I will post a few more Amazon products we love in a bit. Remember if you click the link through my site and buy it we get a percentage of the sale.


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