Fun Friday: Mall, Cookies and Library

Hey everyone how is your Friday going? Chloe and I decided to get out of the house today and have what she calls “Fun Friday”! When we entered the mall she froze. Chloe gets very anxious in public. I just let her take her time walking around. She sat a few times on benches and zoned out. We finally made it to the arcade. She cracks me up on the race car and motorcycle race games. Her goal is to hit every car and drive on the sidewalk. She had some teenagers cracking up in there. We love playing Jurassic Park together. It is a very loud and shaky game, but she just yells along with it. Then we played the basketball game. She is quite good at this one. Finally she plays Ice ball. I remind her to roll the ball, but a few got thrown. LOL.
Once we finished playing in the arcade it was time for COOKIES!!! She quickly chose her 2 favorite cookies and ran to sit down. Then she said “Time to go, time for Library”.
Our Library is amazing. They are redoing the upper floor. The kids area is now incased in a separate area. Now I don’t have to shush her every 2 minutes. Chloe must always choose a video. Is she going to watch it? Nope, she just has to have one. I was actually proud of her for choosing a few books. I am usually redirecting her to pick a few. She sat by the big front windows and read Going on a Bear Hunt. I love to hear her read. She finally ran down to the videos and grabbed one and off to the stairs she went. As we were checking out she bolted!! She hasn’t done this forever. I had to go get her twice. This was a sure sign she was ready to go home.
Even though we had a few episodes I think it went very well. We had a great time playing games and laughing. She even ran around with a 2 year old on the stage at the mall. The little girl kept hugging Chloe’s leg and saying Friend. So sweet. Thank you to everyone who is visiting my blog. I hope you keep visiting. Feel welcome to leave a comment and share with others. Have a wonderful afternoon.

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