Fireworks, Sparklers and Tantrums

Good Morning. I hope all of your had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday. We had a roller coaster of a day. Any time Dad is off work Chloe has a tough time adjusting and tries to push every button she can. He asked her to move her snack bowl, so it wouldn’t fall, and KAPOW!! The screaming was crazy loud. I was in bed with a headache, but was jolted awake. I tried to let Dad handle it, but had a tough time. He finally sent her to her room and after awhile she calmed down.
Later in the day I took her outside to swim in her pool for a bit. Wow it was hot, but she lasted about an hour and a half. She seemed in better spirits. We explained to her that she could stay up after dark and see the fireworks. Let’s just say she was more that excited. Chloe repeatedly asked to go outside. It went on for over an hour. **Tip: NEVER TELL A CHILD WITH AUTISM ABOUT AN OUTING OR EVENT TO EARLY** We finally got outside and she loved the fireworks. It was also her first time having sparklers. She ran around the yard with them saying “Oh fun”! Around 9:30 we told her it was time for bath and bed. Dad and I were beat. Once out of the bath another small tantrum began. “Chloe wake up’!!! She repeated this until her bedtime medicine kicked in.
Was it a successful 4th of July? Hmmm I always expect to much and plan a lot of activities that don’t get done. In the end all that matters is the smile on her face when she sees the fireworks in the sky. That moment was filled with pure joy. As the day ends the tantrums are forgotten and we move on. Another 4th of July in the books.
What memorable things happened for your family yesterday?

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