I’m Singing!!

Oh Chloe how you love to sing! Some days she sings like one to two songs and other days she will sing for hours. I’m serious!! It is usually brought on by anxiety, overstimulation or what we call extreme giddiness. It can be quite mind numbing and has given her Dad and I many headaches. I can at times zone her out, but Dad hasn’t mastered that skill yet Lol. We have tried many techniques to redirect her, but she looks at us sternly and says “I’m singing”!!!
I am always researching and contacting other parents for advice. I try one technique like singing quieter or slower with her, but am met with “No sing, I’m singing’! I try another one telling her 2 more songs and then deep breath and then we will do this (read a book or go outside). Nope I am met with “I singing”!!! If you push her to far she will throw herself on the floor and the fit begins. As the saying goes, IF YOU MEET ONE CHILD WITH AUTISM, YOU HAVE MET ONE CHILD WITH AUTISM. The techniques you read or get from another parent may not work for your child. Every child, autistic or not, is unique. So we keep trying to figure this out, but until we do we will…


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