Does Chloe Attend Therapy?

Good Morning. This is a question I get every time I meet a someone who has questions about Autism. Chloe has been in therapy since she was 2 1/2 years old. She has had therapy through a Early Intervention Service, at her school and from therapists at a few therapy centers. They were all amazing with her. When we moved we went through a lot of changes and felt Chloe needed a break for awhile. It has been a year and she is doing well. I have made it my mission to research and learn how to work with my daughter at home. I have always planned activities for her to do to address all of her delays. You will see a few in the pictures.
Right now we are focusing on self help skills and controlling certain behaviors. We will eventually find a program here for her to help with social skills. Chloe is very nervous around children her age since being bullied last summer at a local park. She is drawn more to younger children. I still take her to places like the library where she will see other children. She covers her ears and bolts from me if there are to many children there. I am looking into local homeschool groups this fall to see if that will help.
I feel blessed that Chloe responds to most of the home therapy activities we work on, but she has stubborn days as well, when she just wants to swim in her pool or read books. The time will come when she requires more, but for now she’s doing well at home.
If you have any questions or comments leave them below. Have a blessed day.

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