She Lost It

Happy Thursday 😊


So  I decided to take a hit and tackle Chloe’s room on Tuesday. I have removed 20 plus items already. The only thing she fussed about was a play rug that she never played on. She got over it pretty quick. Thank goodness 🙂

Today (Wednesday) I was not so lucky I dusted and then proceeded to move toys off the floor so I could vacuum.  She walked in and lost it on me! I knew it would happen, but wanted to push through so she could have a better room. I have mentioned before how she likes all of her toys out where she can see them. I’ve had to make peace with that, for now. I just wanted to reduce what was on the floor. As soon as the carpet was vacuumed Chloe was pulling everything back on the floor. She was crying, but as soon as everything was back on the floor she was good. I have always explained to her that I have to clean and vacuum her room. 

I think we are going to have to get her another set of bedding. She also gets extremely upset when I wash it.  She cries until they are washed and dried.  So we will have to get another set.😣 The only other area to clean off is the kitchen table. I have gotten her to remove half of the items, but she’s being stubborn over the rest.

If you learn anything from my experience, don’t buy too many toys for your kids.  They don’t need them. We spend the majority of our time outside when the weather is nice. I loved spending my childhood outdoors.  No toy could beat it!

I am hoping to reduce her toys a bit more, but I’ll back off for now. She gets so upset. I know she is not getting anymore toys until Christmas. Oh this crazy Autism Life 😉

Have a wonderful day 😊

How This Autism Mom Destresses

Happy Wednesday 🙂

As a Mom of a child with Autism I must have downtime! Whether that’s having the night to myself after Chloe goes to bed (and that’s if she goes to sleep) or getting out alone for a few hours. 

It is super important that we take care of ourselves or we are no good for anyone else. We have less patience and I know my brain just gets all scrambled.

One of my favorite ways lately to destress is listening to music🎧🎶. I love 80’s and 90’s music. I just put on my headphones and relax. Sometimes I dance😉

Working out is another way I release stress. Lately I’ve been injured and haven’t been able to. Ugh! I feel it is necessary, not just for stress relief,  but for my health and well being. I will be 48 this year and it’s important that I get healthy.

Reading is an absolute love of mine. I do tend to read a lot of books about Autism, but I love reading about Simple Living and Frugality. I want to start reading some classics. I just need to take the time to find one I like.

I do indulge in some YouTube videos too. I have channels that are uplifting and make me smile. Sometimes I’ll watch funny videos or even documentaries.  I LOVE to learn new things.

Lately one of my past passions has come back to me. Writing has always been so enjoyable for me. My biggest dream has been to write a book. I have written poetry and songs in the past. Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay focused, but I try😊

These are a few things I do to take a breather when I need it. Just try and take time for what you love to do. You are not just an Autism Mom. Comment below and share how you take time for yourself.

Have a Wonderful Day💜

Massive Declutter

Good Morning 😊

I have been working the past 3 days to do a massive clean out of our home. If I don’t use it often or love it it goes. 

I finally decided to hit Chloe’s room, even if it upsets her. She is not even able to play in there.  The mess affects her play and mood. So far I have removed 20 small or put up items. The only item she has said anything about was a play rug that she never used. She got over it quickly though. 

Over the 3 days I filled 20 bags to go to trash, 3 bags for donation and several bags of items to sell at Once Upon A Child. I also have a trunk full of books to sell at 2nd & Charles.  I also cleaned out our shed and filled up the back of the truck, which we hauled off. It felt good to get that done.

Our clothing is already minimized. Chloe and I have enough clothes to last a week. We each have 2 sets of pjs and I have 2 sets of workout clothes.  I went through the bathroom closet and cleaned out the excess. Chloe and I use the same soap and shampoo. I try to keep things minimal. I have everything organized in plastic shoebox containers.  

I went through all homeschool supplies and got rid of 90% of them. We just didn’t use the items. I also went around and looked at knick knacks and only kept what I loved.

I have a lot of places to go to get rid of everything , but it will be worth it. Then I need to give my car a good cleaning. I am so excited to get rid of so much. Hopefully I can get Chloe’s room whipped into shape soon.

I tried to post a picture of the truck haul, but it wouldn’t load. Grrr. 

Let me know if any of you are decluttering and how it is going😊

Have a Great Day❤



Love This Book❤


Good Morning 🌞

I just finished this book Not Buying It by Brett Graff. If you have a child at home I highly recommend this book.

it covers from infancy to college. It is detailed on how much items cost and suggests items you can do without.  Oh to have had this book when Chloe was born. We would’ve saved so much money.

Early Learning

This section of the book taught me so much. Wow our kids don’t need 90% of the stuff we buy them. I love the section about talking to your baby and child. I know we talked to Chloe a lot. I’m a talker😁. Lol. As an infant Chloe was in tune to us. After her 1st birthday it slowly faded away. We still talked to her, but I started bringing in flash cards, speech videos and talking toys. Oh the talking toys, one of my biggest regrets! If I could turn back time I would do every different. Since that’s not possible I need to fix things now that are not working.  I am going to start slowly getting rid of Chloe’s excess of toys. It’s such a mess and all our fault. She may get upset, but over time it will improve her play 

I don’t  want to give away the whole book, but it covers clothing (which we have mastered), books, school, extra curricular  activities,  food, medical care and materialism. I think it’s super important to teach our children the concept of money and Bill’s. 

So grab this book if you want out of the trap of consumerism.  It’s never to late to get started. 

Thanks for stopping by😊

Have a Great Day

A Very Long Meltdown😥

It is 9:00 pm (Thursday) and Chloe has been in meltdown mode for 1 1/2 hours! Why? She didn’t want to go to bed.

The past few weeks Chloe has started to stall at bedtime. I know this is a normal thing that kids do, but with Chloe it turns into a tantrum or meltdown fast when she’s made to go to bed. She throws herself down, cries and screams until she falls asleep. 

It is becoming a major problem. Bedtime is suppose to be calming, but Chloe tends to be so strict with her routine it becomes stressful if one thing doesn’t flow just right. Now with the stalling it is becoming very stressful for everyone.  So I have to look at the whole picture and figure out the trigger.

The things that have changed are way to many kids at the playground. Her eating has been crazy and she has woken up more often at night. Chloe has been wanting to get out every day, but it may be to overstimulating for her. She may need more downtime. She has also been using her tablet a lot, so time for that to go away again. We have eaten out more than usual and I feel it affects her behavior. So it’s time to hit reset and get Chloe back on track.

It’s important to figure out your child’s triggers when behavior changes. Especially when they can’t tell you how they feel. It’s not always easy, but we have to help them the best we know how.

Thanks for supporting my blog. Welcome to my new followers. 

Have a wonderful weekend😊

River Park Chaos


Happy Wednesday Everyone 😊

Yesterday was a tough day for Chloe, but she overcame it quite well. We planned to go to the park by the river. She was so excited! I knew it was close to the public schools final days and they take field trips to this park. I tried to hurry Chloe up, but Chloe doesn’t hurry. Lol. We were there 5 minutes when 4 buses rolled in.😫 

Chloe just covered her ears. It was so loud I could barely talk to her. She was crying, not wanting to leave. She needed to finish her plan to play. I knew she would get hurt. The kids were not controlled and it was TOTAL CHAOS!! I finally convinced her to go to a different park. She was not happy, but rolled with it pretty well. 

Once there she mostly wanted to swing. There were maybe 8 kids there and that was 8 to many for her😔. I so desperately want her to stop being afraid of kids. So we will keep getting out and being around them. We will try the river park tomorrow, but hopefully get there early in case of another public school field trip.

I hope Chloe can adjust some day to other children. All I can do is provide the environment and support she needs❤

Have a wonderful day😊

My Girl Loves The Birds!


Happy Tuesday 😊

Chloe has been keeping me busy going places and that’s ok. She goes through phases of wanting to go and wanting to be at home. I know getting out is good for her. It helps her be part of the outside world and helps her work on her fear of other kids.

One of Chloe’s favorite outings is to our local Pet Smart. She makes her rounds from the fish, to cats, and then to her favorite…the birds🐦. She just watches them with so much excitement, especially when they fly around. Today there were a lot of birds and boy did they fly around. Chloe just giggled and smiled the whole time. Makes my heart happy to see her have such a good time.

She has also discovered the turtles and Guinea pigs, but she always runs back to the birds. 

She already has our day planned for tomorrow.  As long as she wants to go, we will go. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day 🌞