My Big Helper😊

It’s Friday! I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Every other week I clean my older brother’s house. I help him put since he works 3rd shift and I make a little money. I usually have my older daughter watch Chloe so I can focus on cleaning. There are some days she goes with me. My brother will put something on TV for her, but she usually ends up watching videos on my phone.

Today she decided she wanted to help. I thought that was really sweet. I had her wipe off a counter or two and use the hand duster to dust a few pieces of furniture. She thought she was so big!! She took many breaks and then went outside with my brother while I finished up. He gave her a little bit of money, which she let me know quickly she wanted to go to Wendy’s for lunch. Money well spent in her eyes 😁

I have been trying to get her to help out more at home, but she hasn’t been to enthusiastic about it. I’m going to start giving her one job a day to do. She can earn money when she does her job. At the end of the week she can use it for a treat or a meal out. Maybe that will make her want to help out more at home. It will also teach her about money, which I have been working on for awhile.

How do you get your children to help out at home? Share below😊

Calming Down My Life

I made a big decision last night. I’m downgrading my cell phone to text and talk only. Why? There’s a few reasons.

One reason is its to addictive. If I’m bored I go to my phone. Another reason is everything is just chaos on the phone. Facebook is great for finding old friends and chatting with family, but it has become very political. My 3rd reason is quiet. I crave it. I don’t get much with Chloe, but add in a cell phone buzzing and dinging all day…UGH!! My final reason is cost. It makes me sick to pay so much for a phone.

Chloe is also addicted to using my phone and I want to stop that. It will be best for both of us. Now since I write this blog from my phone, how will I continue. I will once or twice a week be at my parents or the library (once school starts) and will publish posts then. I will answer any questions or comments then.

Sometimes we just need a break from the chaos. I need to get back to simple living. Some day I may get internet in my home so I can use my laptop to blog. I just need a breather from my crazy phone 📱.

Have you ever just wanted to unplug for awhile?

Praying all of you are healthy and well❤️

So Much Scripting!!

Good morning 😃

Yesterday I spoke to Chloe’s speech therapist about her constant scripting. Scripting is when a child, with Autism, repeats phrases from songs, books, tv shows or just phrases they have heard. Chloe is in overdrive right now with scripting. So I had a hat with her therapist.

She said most of her patients are struggling with scripting because of stress. This virus and quarantine is a lot for children and adults with Autism to understand. Chloe has been in constant stress mode since this all began. It has been a particularly rough summer. It got a little better once the playgrounds opened, but we still have to be careful. She is scared of the masks and still won’t wear one. This means she can’t go into any stores. I don’t think she cares since seeing a lot of people with masks on upsets her.

Chloe has this scripting behavior where she wants me to repeat after her or answer yes, meaning I agree with her. I do not know how to break this. I have tried not answering, but she will repeat it continuously until I answer her. I’ve tried to explain that I am not repeating after her. That really upsets her. So I am still trying to work on that with her. Scripting is one of the most challenging behaviors I deal with in the Autism world. I want it to stop because it’s not a “normal” behavior or way to speak. People stare and I don’t like that, but try not to let it get to me. She has done it since she spoke her first word.

One thing I try to do is keep her busy. It helps a little. I think it slows down her brain and focuses her. Some days it works like a charm and others it doesn’t. So I just keep trying every day. I believe school will help once it starts. I know it will be different with the virus, but she will be occupied with her teachers and work.

So when you see a child or person with Autism scripting or saying phrases that make no sense to you…. it does to them. It’s a calming mechanism that they need to function in their world. It helps them regulate their senses. So I think sometimes she needs to do it and I hate to stop her. Hopefully as school begins and her day gets even more structured she will focus more and script less. We will see😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️


Chloe Loves My Phone 📱

Good morning 🌞

Do you ever look back and think “Ugh I wish I had never let my child do this or that”? Well one thing for me is letting Chloe use my phone to watch YouTube.

She watches a very cute children’s song….10 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF IT😧!!! She use to watch a mixture of different educational songs, but 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is the song of the year in our home. Lucky for me I have the innate ability to zone it out.

So is Chloe using my phone a bad thing? That depends…how long does she have it….does she throw fits for it? She does throw fits sometimes if I don’t let her have it when she wants it. I do have issues with her not giving it up when I ask. I had to become creative with”phone time”.

Number one…I schedule it into her day. This way she knows she gets it, but has to wait patiently. Number 2… I set an amount of videos she can watch and we count them down. Occasionally she gets a bonus video or two if she has a good listening day☺️ Number 3… She may get bonus phone time if she isn’t feeling well or we are somewhere she has to be still. I just have to be consistent.

Over all I think Chloe using my phone isn’t harmful if controlled. I do wish she would expand her music choices, but she really enjoys her phone time, so it’s ok for now.

Do you let your child use your cell phone for music, videos or games? Share below how you handle it. Have a wonderful day 😊

Our Week of Activities 😊

This weeks weather kept us from doing to many outdoor activities. It’s been raining and very hot!

The beginning of the week we spent mornings indoors playing, reading and watching PBS Kids. We had a lot if rainy mornings. The afternoons we went to scheduled therapies and had supper a few nights at my parents house. Chloe loves going there to play with their dog Harley❤️

Thursday Chloe finally decided to break out her Playdoh she got for her birthday in February 😮. She loved her Olaf Playdoh toy. She and I played for almost an hour. Then we started spelling words in the Playdoh with her letter cutters.

One thing I have noticed this week is that her new medication is calming her down more. She has definitely verbalized her dislikes a lot more. Lol.

Today we went to the park. We were the only ones there for about 20 minutes, which was nice. I noticed her sitting down a lot, so I asked her if she was ok. She said “5 more slides and go home “. I was surprised. Usually I have to make her leave. Heat and cold typically don’t bother her either. About 30 minutes in she says “I Hot…go home”! Wow loving the communication ❤️

So she went down 5 more slides and we headed home. We spent the afternoon playing and watching a movie or 2.

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy❤️

Occupational Therapy Update😃

Chloe loves Occupational Therapy❤️. I think it’s her favorite of the week! Her therapist is so sweet and very good with Chloe. We are blessed.

They have been working on emotions, especially mad and sad. She confuses the two, but is making progress. Last week when her therapist asked what made her mad she said “Rain, no go to play”. YES😃 Rain does make her mad because she can’t go to the playground. She does love the rain and would stand in it for hours. I was very proud of her answer. She separated her love/hate relationship for the rain.

They are also continuing to work on dressing herself. Her therapist is using picture cards to teach her the correct order in getting dressed. She is doing well. She is still confused when clothes are inside out. We are working on that at home to. I hope some day I will be able to say “Time to put clothes on” and she does it with no help😃 We will get there.

I am working on a snack basket here so she can get her own snacks instead of hollering at me to get them. I also want to teach her to help pack her lunchbox, once she’s back to school. Our district, as of now, is going back August 24th, but I expect that to change. Surrounding districts are starting at home for 6 weeks and then going to school. We should know for sure in the next few weeks.

So that is s little update about her Occupational therapy. It’s going very well so far and best of all Chloe loves it❤️

I hope all of you are healthy and well

She Needed A Break

Good morning 😊

Our days have been quite busy since the beginning of July. Therapies are all in place and we always have one or more to go to each day. We have also, this past week and part of the weekend, been helping my older daughter move into her new apartment. We have been in the car A LOT!!

Chloe, like everyone, reaches a point that she has to have a break from it all. So yesterday I decided we would do NOTHING! We slept until 10. Wow that never happens😲. That just shows how tired she was. Then we relaxed and watched a movie. After picking up her older brother from work we went to my parents. She went outside to swing and just walked around. She looked so peaceful and relaxed. She really needed a day to just do what she wanted.

Everyone needs to recognize the signs that we need to slow down. Chloe can’t verbally express that, so I look for signs. Chloe will cover her ears more, cry out of the blue, or even go lay in her bed quietly. The key word is “quietly “. She’s rarely quiet. Then I know she needs downtime ❤️

I am looking into her therapies to see if I can change a few times. The early morning ones are not working for her. She’s just not ready that early to do so much work. Plus we drive 45 minutes to that one. She has that look of “Ugh Mom”!!

So make sure you tune into your children to see when they are overwhelmed and need a lazy day. Their self care is just as important as ours.

I hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

Scheduling My Posts😊

Good Afternoon 😃

I wanted to post about my decision to only post once to twice a week. Many days I don’t really have a lot to post about, especially during this time of mask wearing and quarantine life.

So I have decided to post, at most, twice a week. I typically post from my phone, but have decided to downgrade to a basic talk and text only phone. Why? Because my daughter is obsessed with seeing my phone to watch the same song in 50 different versions. Also I’m just tired of my Facebook being hacked and of paying so much money for a phone bill.

My plan is to go to the library ,somewhere where I can use WIFI and use my laptop. I will miss having internet at my fingertips, but the addiction is real folks. I just want to take a break and see how it goes. So if you make a comment on my post and it takes me a few days to respond, don’t fret I’ll respond as soon as I see it.

Chloe may not be happy about this choice, but it’s s healthier option for her as well. Once I decide the best day or days to post I will let you know.

We have an uncertain school year approaching. Right now Chloe will go to school, but that could change any day and her district decide to start out at home. I’m not fond of the On-line Learning Academy. Chloe needs hands on work. We will have to wait and see what happens. We should know in a few weeks.

I hope all of you out there are staying healthy ❤️

She Had A Nightmare 😢

Oh what a night we had last night😩

Chloe has been sleeping so well the past week and a half. Her new medication and nighttime medication changes really have helped her. Yesterday we had a busy day and I expected her to possibly sleep in today. Unfortunately that didn’t happen😢

Around 1:30 am she woke up saying “No sick”! I run into her room thinking she was throwing up, but she was talking in her sleep and was UPSET!! I guess she was dreaming about it and it scared her. Poor baby😞 I got her calmed down and thought she would sleep the rest of the night.

At 2:30 she woke up angry. I get so anxious about her being angry because she talks loud and yells. I don’t want her to disturb the neighbors. So I spend what feels like HOURS trying to keep her quiet. Here’s the thing about Chloe…. the more you try to keep her quiet, the louder she gets🤫😪.

After a few hours of this I had to give her the extra medication dose the Dr prescribed for this type of situation. I’m sitting here waiting for it to kick in. It’s a roller coaster ride!! Hopefully she falls back to sleep soon and sleeps for a few hours. I know I could use a few more hours of sleep 😴

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy ❤️