WordPress Blogs I Love😍

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Good Morning😊

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite blogs. I am still discovering so many on WordPress.  If I don’t mention your blog it just means either I haven’t discovered it yet or it will be on my next list😁

Here we go…..

1) Mommy Coach: Little kids in nature away from screens.

2) Wild and Free Homeschooling

3) Sagittarius Viking: Mindful exploring through the eyes of a viking daughter

4) Stay Positive It’s Autism

5) These Are A Few Of My Favorite  Things

6) No Makeup Mama

7) The Green Crunchy Mother

8) Ryan’s Homeschooling Journey

9) Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

10) Matthatter Reads: This is my older daughter’s book blog. She loves books and writes great reviews on them.


These blogs are so well written. I have learned a lot reading their posts. As an Autism Mom I have really enjoyed connecting to other Moms that post about Autism.  Not all of these pertain to Autism.  I also homeschool, so I follow lots of homeschool blogs. Check these out and follow these wonderful blogs. 

Have a great Thursday 🙂

Flip Schedule On The Go!

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Good Morning and Happy Wednesday

Yesterday Chloe and I traveled to visit my parents and her older sister Mattie. I was curious if her flip schedule would work on the road and at their house. There was only one way to find out.

I sat down the night before and made up cards of things she likes to do there. She has a bit of a routine. She goes to the front porch swing for awhile and then the back porch rocking chair. She goes downstairs and plays for a bit after that. I wanted to work those things into her schedule. I added reading books on the couch, coloring pictures to give to her Nana, Papaw and sister and playing with the dogs.

It went so well!! I was very proud of Chloe’s behavior. I was actually able to relax and talk to everyone instead of chasing after her and telling her a million times to calm down. I actually wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day. I really hope she will stick with this schedule for good, or at least a long time.

This morning she woke up before 7 am and took about 45 minutes to begin her schedule. Thats ok….I don’t push her into it unless she is acting out. She is sitting here now eating breakfast and I am enjoying my coffee. I already went over her schedule book with her this morning, which helps her know how her day will go.

The one thing that went very well with her schedule is that when we go home she always wants a Happy Meal in the next town up the highway. I’m trying to get her to wait until we get home to eat. Weaning out these unhealthy meals. I put a card in her book saying No Happy Meal and she was like “OK”. She did ask a few times, but ate the snacks in her backpack instead. SCORE!! Loving this schedule.

I hope all of you are having a good week.

A Much Better Day

Good Morning

Yesterday (Monday) was a wonderful day! 

I decided to make Chloe a new flip book schedule. I was nervous that it would work. They haven’t lasted long in the past, but I needed to try again. She was actually excited to see it. She threw a 1 hour screaming fit last night because she lost movie time. She refused to come out of her Dad’s office and ran out of time. It was rough!! So I worked on the book after she went to sleep.


I had to keep her constantly busy or she would trail off.  I had short, hands on activities for her to do. Stringing noodles, puzzles, kinetic sand and flarp. After lunch I brought in more academics. We sat on the couch and practiced addition and subtraction. She made her uncle a card and then worked on writing. We went outside for about an hour and then came in to make pumpkin muffins. Chloe ran off to the bathroom to sing in the mirror. She needed some “Chloe Time”. I let her do it for a bit and then reeled her back in for table activities. 

Her table activites were cutting strips for cutting practice and she made a turkey for her Nana and Papaw. She got a bit lazy on the turkey, so I helped her cut out a few pieces, but she cut out several and colored them. She was excited that she is going to give it to her Nana and Papaw this week.

She was pretty hyper by 3:00, so I had to throw in board games to calm her down. I really was proud of her today. I hope this continues. It is a lot of work, but it is better than her screaming and being so upset. I just have to figure out when to get my downtime in. I am pretty much going all day long, but I guess if I was working thats what I would be doing. 

Welcome to my new followers. I hope all of you have a great day.


Hoping For A Better Week


Good Morning 😊

Chloe is still struggling with sensory issues and behavior issues. I’m still in the dark as to what is causing this. Yesterday she was yelling a lot and being super defiant. It is, as you can imagine, wearing me down emotionally and mentally.

I have tried giving her sensory input and giving her choices of activities during the day. She doesn’t do anything but fuss and walk around. Last night she sat in her Daddy’s office, in the dark, for over an hour. I tried to get her to have a movie night, but she wouldn’t come out of the office.

I am concerned that she is not playing at all or reading her books. She loves books!! I am going to try to get her to work on school this week. I feel very lost and alone during these times. I just want her therapy to start.

Chloe is very stuck to me and demands that I do everything for her. If I try to make her do things for herself she screams. She is also wanting me to repeat her scripting after her🙄. If I don’t she keeps saying it until i do. I stood my ground for 30 minutes yesterday.

So there hasn’t been any improvement really.  I feel like she’s regressed to a toddler. Its tough😢

I hope all of you have a wonderful day🙂

A Little Update

Good Afternoon 😊

I wanted to give you a little update on Miss Chloe.  She has come out of some of the behaviors, but still dealing with a few.

I brought her outside after lunch to play in what’s left of the snow. It was to cold the past 2 days, plus I have been sick. She loves the snow❄☃️ I need to get her some snow boots before it snows again.

As far as homeschool, I haven’t pushed her. We have done a little here and there. I ordered her some kinetic sand, which she has really enjoyed playing with. I am keeping her sensory needs met the best I can.

So that’s an update on my girl. Hopefully we can get back on track soon😊.

Welcome to my new followers 🧡


Another Day of Fussing😢


Good Morning 🙂

Yesterday we traveled to my parents to celebrate my older daughter Mattie’s 23rd birthday. Chloe continued her fussy behavior the entire day.

She typically enjoys going to my parents house. She loves swinging and playing with the dogs. She is so out of whack right now. I need to figure this out.

I have decided to take a break from blogging the rest of this week so I can focus on working with Chloe. We can’t continue on this way. I hope to be back soon talking about a happier girl.


What Is Going On??


Good Morning 🙂

Since last Tuesday Chloe’s anxiety has been high. How do I know? Chloe shows several signs that let’s me know she is feeling anxiety.

She has crying spells. Not wailing, but pitiful crying that breaks your heart. She scripts the same phrase over and over. Her tics pick up and she has new ones added on. She licks her lips raw and rolls her eyes a lot.  She dazes out more and asks for TV more often. I still regulate her TV by spreading it out. She throws more tantrums and occasionally hits me. She NEVER hits me! She doesn’t hit me hard, but the act of it breaks my heart. She actually hugs me after😢

So what do I do during these episodes? It is so hard not having therapy right now. I just try to provide extra sensory input for her. During these times she presses against me and squeezes my arms, letting me know she needs input. I play soft music throughout the day. I have her take deep breaths. I make sure she gets outside. Yesterday we went outside and she dazed out and started ticking so bad!! I tried to get her to go in the house, there were a lot of people outside staring, but she refused and started hitting me.

I try my best to get her to communicate what is wrong, but she can’t. How do I help her if she can’t tell me what is wrong? I just feel helpless☹

So I comfort her the best I can until she feels better. I do not force school on her. I really hope this is over soon. I am thankful she is sleeping.  She has only gotten up one night so far. It is one of the worst feelings when you can’t help your child. I know I help by loving her and doing what I can to comfort her. I just HATE this part of Autism. To know she is so upset inside, but can’t tell me why.

How do you help your child with anxiety?