Meltdowns Suck!!

Chloe always starts to get angry on Sundays. She starts saying “No school on Monday”!! I have learned she doesn’t hate school, she just prefers being home.

Last night during her bath she just snapped all of a sudden. She started screaming and crying. This is usually how it happens. Once I got her out of the bath she got louder and angrier. She started hitting herself and the wall. I sat by her and tried to calm her down, but once she enters meltdown mode you can’t reach her. She just has to finish.

Living in an apartment makes meltdowns even more stressful. I worry about my neighbors being disturbed or even getting turned in to the apartment manager. Her throwing herself down on the floor at 6 am is not good!!

Chloe always struggles the last few months of school. This year has been crazy anyway, with Covid opening and closing school constantly all year. I am really hoping school is normal next school year.

Meltdowns are pretty common in children with Autism. They are super difficult to deal with. The biggest goal is that they don’t hurt themselves or others during the meltdown. Once she is finished, she is calm and usually plays on her bed.

She had one last night and another one this morning. I’m hoping she does better the rest of the week.

I hope all of you are doing well. Have a wonderful day😎

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Sunday Chat☕

Good morning 🌄

As I sit here listening to Miss Chloe playing Christmas songs on my Kindle I am so aware of her innocence and the fact she doesn’t care if it’s April….she’s going to do what makes her happy😊

That’s how we should all live. I have been writing this blog for over 2 years. It has mostly been about Autism, because that’s the life we live. I also love to write about simple living. I do my best to make our lives simple. Chaos is not a good thing for Chloe or myself. Along with Chloe’s Autism, I have high anxiety issues. So the simpler I make our lives the better.

I want to start mixing up my blogs a bit by adding in blogs on simple living. I am reading a few books right now that have taught me so much. I will share them this week. Just changing little things here and there make such huge differences. Also accepting the fact that Chloe listens to Christmas songs year around, instead of trying to change it eases a lot of tension🙂

So beginning this week I will blog about our life living with Autism, as well as some simple living blogs.

I hope all of you are doing well. Stay healthy and welcome to my new followers ❤️

Loving It❤️

Good morning 🌄

I am really loving making wreaths🙂. I made the 2 above for myself. Now I’m getting interest from people to make some for them to buy from me. That would be wonderful 😁

I received some bumblebee fabric today and waiting for one more color to start working on this wreath. It’s going to be so pretty for Summer. I am also planning to make another Sunflower wreath with other colors woven in. I also have found the cutest bandana fabric to make a red, white and blue wreath with. Awesome 😎My older daughter loves Harry Potter, so I found fabric to make her one for her book room.

My big project is to make Autism rag wreaths. I will use either Autism puzzle fabric or buy all of the colors and mesh them all together. I would love to sell these.

I’m not sure how I will sell my wreaths yet. Someone with a shop offered to put them on her wreath wall. She would keep 20% of all sales. I may just sell them myself. I’m still working on perfecting my technique. I do love to stay busy while Chloes at school.

I hope all of you are having a great day. Stay healthy 🥰

Finding Peace With Autism

Do we ever find peace after our children are diagnosed with Autism?

I guess there are different levels of peace. I accepted Chloes diagnosis instantly, but also wore myself out researching non-stop. Research is important, but you can’t let it take over your life. It has taken me years to learn this.

I know a lot of parents try to “fix” their child and sometimes certain techniques help reduce or erase symptoms. There is no cure for Autism and that is the first thing I made peace with. Then I had to make peace with that Chloe would have struggles that I couldn’t fix. That is a tough and heart breaking reality.

So I just live day to day and help Chloe as much as I can steer through this crazy world. I still research every now and then, but I don’t let it rule me. Finding Peace in our child’s diagnosis is important for our own mental and emotional health. Find support if you need it and take it a day at a time.

Stay healthy and safe❤️

Scripting Interfering With Learning

Chloe goes through phases of heavy scripting. What is Scripting? It’s when she repeats phrases from books or movies. She might sing the same song over and over or a specific number of songs. It is common in children and adults with Autism.

Chloe will typically do this when anxious or bored. I see it most when she’s anxious. Her teacher told me today it’s starting to interfere with her learning. If she is scripting she shuts out everything else. She won’t do anything until she is finished. We were almost late for school this morning, because she wouldn’t stop scripting.

I have researched this so much. What I have learned is unless they are injuring themselves you don’t stop it. Scripting is a stim, just like flapping or rocking. When Chloe was a toddler she would bang her head in the floor. Scripting is extremely hard to stop or redirect. I have tried so many things, but if you interrupt her scripting she will have a meltdown. Believe me, I’d rather let her script. I was hoping she would outgrow it, but that hasn’t happened.

One thing I try is to keep her busy. If her brain is occupied I see way less scripting. She has to have down time, so she may script some then. Some days it’s just going to happen no matter what. It’s as much a mystery as Autism itself.

Does your child with Autism script? How do you handle it?

Stay safe and healthy 💕

Bullying Must Stop!!

Bullying is just running rampant and I am tired of it!!! I get so upset when I read stories about children being bullied. I believe children learn this behavior at home. They are not born to hate. I also believe there should be harsher punishment for bullies.

I went through being bullied as a child. It was really painful. I lived in fear every day. I felt very alone all the time. I am thankful I pushed through it, but some children don’t. Suicide from bullying is at an all time high.

What angers me even more is seeing children with disabilities being bullied. Those who can’t defend themselves are just helpless. I taught my.older children to love all people and to be kind to those with disabilities. When they were in childcare children with disabilities were drawn to them, because they were kind and included them. I was proud.

Chloe went through an incident at a playground when she was 6 that really scared her. She was at the top of a slide and a bunch of kids started screaming at her to move. She sunk down and covered her ears. They pushed past her and I had to go up and get her. She kept saying “No push Chloe” over and over. She avoided that park for a year. 5 years later she still says “No push Chloe” every now and then. It breaks my heart.

Most children avoid her, which is hurtful. I recently had a kid call her weird. I let her know she was being mean and she needed to stop or go play somewhere else. I tried to explain that Chloe is Autistic and she does things differently than other kids, but some kids just don’t care. So we stay away from her when we see her. She live in our Apt area.

I just wish parents would teach their children kindness. Our world is getting more and more hateful. All I feel I can do is protect Chloe when things occur and educate kids when I can….maybe some parents too.

Have you dealt with bullying? How did you handle it?

Sunday Chat☕

Good morning 🌄

So there are 6 weeks of school left. I have 6 weeks to do all the things it’s hard to do when Miss Chloe is home all the time.

I’m definitely going to walk plenty of miles the next 6 weeks. Chloe usually walks one loop, which is one mile, when she’s up to it. I am hoping to go to our local trails a lot this Summer. Now that I live upstairs I can’t really do Cardio. That was a con of moving up here. So I have to get it when I can🙂

I have decided to start making rag wreaths to sell. I need to invest in a few supplies, but luckily they are not expensive. I need to shop for fabric and wire wreaths. This is a hobby I am excited to jump into with both feet😊.

I’m also trying to come up with activities that we can do that Chloe will enjoy this Summer. She doesn’t like to stay constantly busy, but at least one fun activity a week. Covid may put a strain on them, but hopefully she can stay busy.

I’m also going to my local library, which I haven’t been to since moving back, to check out lots of books 📚. Instead of redoing my glasses I found a book magnifier that works great! I’m enjoying reading again😊.

There are also some Autism walks coming up that I definitely want to participate in. I’m hoping Chloe will walk too. I’m also inviting my older daughter to walk. Hopefully she can.

I mostly want to take time for myself. Summer break is hard for parents of special needs children, especially if we don’t have respite. Once Covid settles down I’m hoping to sign up for some respite care for Chloe. I would love someone she can hang with and do things with. She needs to work on seperating from me more.

So 6 weeks to go and it will fly by. How long do your children have left?

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new followers ☺️. Stay safe and healthy 💕

Moody Moody Girl

Spring break is over and it was a wild one. We dealt with our allergies, lack of sleep and Chloes “months friend” decided to make an appearance. All if this caused a wave of emotions that were hard to keep up with.

The worst one is crying. I feel so sad for her. She cries, but can’t tell me why. Then she gets angry and starts screaming. It’s overwhelming for her and for me. I continue to work with Chloe on sharing her feelings, but she shuts down if I ask her to talk to me about how she feels. It’s tough.

I dread telling her tomorrow night that she has school Monday. It will be a meltdown for sure. She only has 5 weeks left until Summer break. I think she will make it.

Hopefully after a few days back to school she will adjust. She has been struggling lately. I want her to enjoy her last 5 weeks at her school, since next Fall she will move to middle school. Time slow down.

I hope all of you are well. Stay healthy 🥰

The Park & Non Toxic Cleaning

Chloes allergies are still getting to her and mine have kicked in as well. Even though she is feeling rough, she is still a kid and wants to go outside.

We went to our local park and luckily there were not tons of kids there. It was awkward when Chloe would cough and I had to announce “It’s asthma and allergies, not Covid. She stayed away from everyone and after 40 minutes was ready to go home and rest. It was a beautiful day, but things are blooming and yards are being mowed. Not good for us allergy sufferers.

I am always looking for non-toxic, but affordable replacements in our home. I do make an all purpose cleaner with vinegar, water and essential oil. I use it everywhere, except on wood. I make detergent sometimes, but I don’t really have storage for it, so I buy sensitive skin brand detergent. During Spring we tend to be more sensitive to everything it seems.

I think about what my grandparents or even great grandparents used to clean their homes. I know one of my grandmother’s used vinegar and water. I remember the smell. Her home was always spotless and smelled so clean. It’s also so cheap to make your own cleaners 🙂

Do any of you make your own cleaning supplies…share below

How Chloe Deals With Illness

Good morning 🌄

Luckily Chloe doesn’t get sick very often. Unfortunately this time of year she has a horrible allergy attack. Trees are blooming, grass is being mowed and those little yellow flowers start popping up everywhere! Chloe got stuffy last Friday night and is still struggling, but now has a bad cough too. It’s the same every Spring.

So how does she deal with it? Really well at first, but after a few days she’s tired of feeling bad. Today was that day. She yelled out a lot today. She wanted to go outside. It was beautiful here today. I took her out in short spurts. She was happy, but it wasn’t long before she started coughing. She would sit down and yell out.

She is taking allergy medicine, but I’m switching her to a new 24 hr brand tomorrow. I’m hoping it will help her. Once her coughing begins the nebulizer comes out. That really ticks her off. She yells “No Mask”!! I feel so bad for her, but I have to stand my ground and make her do it.

A lot of children with Autism struggle with sensory issues. That can make being sick so much worse. Chloe can’t always tell me what hurts or refuses to show me because she doesn’t want to go to the Dr. So I have to really watch her symptoms and behavior. She hasn’t had a fever, so that’s good.

Once she makes it through this she is usually fine the rest of Spring and Summer. I hate that this hit her on Spring Break. I’m praying she is over it soon.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well 🥰