Autism Mom Burnout!!

Good Afternoon Friends


Autism mom burnout is real folks. I have been getting close for a long time and now I am there. I have many days that I can’t get going. I have headaches and well honestly, I cry in the shower. Sometimes it helps to cry it out. 

I never planned on being a stay at home or even a homeschool mom. I have cherished my time with Chloe, but desperately miss working and talking to other adults. I like making money, even if its part time work. Just feels good. Chloe has regressed so much socially being home, I know she needs to be in school, even if she is a bit anxious. I don’t want her to isolate herself. I feel very isolated myself. I have tried to not think about it, but it has finally gotten to me.

We are moving in 9 days. I have been connecting with a few friends from high school and other friends I had years ago. I know I won’t be able to go out all the time. Chloe stills needs me and we will be busy with therapies, but to go out occassionally will be nice. Some of them have kids and Chloe can even have playdates. She misses one of her buddies and talks about him a lot.

It is important that we take care of ourselves and recognize the symptoms of burnout before they happen. So for now if Chloe wants to do school we do it and if she needs a break (or if I do) we take one. The move will be a huge change for the both of us and we will have to adjust. So we may take a week or so off.  Chloe has a birthday coming up the middle of February. She will be 10! I can’t believe it. I want her to have a wonderful time this year. 

Being a parent of a child with Special Needs can be so overwhelming. Lack of sleep, hours of screaming and just the worrying alone can wear us out. So I am taking it easy, taking care of me for awhile. Slow days, reading, writing and watching some TV. Its ok to take the breaks we need. Luckily today Chloe is being awesome and loving on me lots. 

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A Very Bad Horrible Day!!


Hi Everyone.

Today I was going to post about our great Homeschool day yesterday, but I just needed to share more about today.

Chloe slept so well last night. In the past she was always happy after a good nights sleep. Now it doesn’t matter. She woke up yelling and screaming. She ate her breakfast and then refused to move off the couch, even refusing to follow her schedule board. 

I needed to go to a very important appointment today. Typically if Chloe has my phone and headphones she will be still and quiet for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Well she listened for 5 minutes and then started running around the waiting room….a very full waiting room. People started staring and I knew I wasn’t going to get her back to her chair. So I had to leave. I will have to leave her home tomorrow, even though her Dad will be working.

She has been crying and screaming all afternoon. She even has hit and kicked me. That is picking up and scaring me. I tried to take her outside for a bit, even though it is cold. She threw herself down on the concrete patio. I’m just at a loss as what to do anymore. My brain is fried and Im so tired.

Her behavior has reached a point that I can’t take her out anywhere. She loses it or starts acting inappropriately. I know how important it is for her to be out in the world and see places. I am not able to handle her alone and the strategies that use to work no longer do. So I am doing my best and keeping her home. If I try to take her out it goes so wrong so fast.

I had to give her the medication she takes to slow her down and stop the screaming.  This is the part of Autism I hate. I can’t help her because she can’t tell me what is wrong. I desperately pray for therapy soon. I may have to put her in school early. I just need a mental break. My health is important too.

So that is what today has been like and its only 2:00 pm. 

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We Have Been Sick☹

Good morning 😊

Chloe and I have had a rough couple of days. She only gets sick maybe once or twice a year. Thank you homeschooling ☺.

Chloe started throwing up Monday night. She had been really moody all day and was wanting to eat a lot. The 2 days before that her behavior was amazing! She was calmer, happier and played with her toys. The calm before the storm I guess. We both slept in the living room Monday night…tile flooring. She woke up Tuesday feeling fine. She gets over illness quick now.

My turn. Last night I got a 102 degree fever.  My whole body ached, especially my head. Chloe threw a massive 2 hour fit going to bed because she wanted to sleep in the living room again. I had to make her go back to her room. She thinks if she sleeps in the living room once its permanent. I stood my ground and she finally fell asleep.  2 hours of screaming…Ugh😫

Thankfully she slept all night. I’m still feeling rough today, but my fever has went down a bit.  So today we rest. Hopefully Chloe doesn’t get to moody.

So that’s an update. Thats why I haven’t been able to post for a few days.


Staying Minimal While Shopping For New Apt.

Good afternoon 😊

This morning I went with a list to Walmart.  I had to buy items for my and Chloe’s new apartment. I was super careful checking prices and the quality of each product.  I also had to decide if it was an absolute necessity.

That’s minimalist life. Living with only what is necessary.  I think I did a really good job. I still have a few items to get at the Dollar Tree and I need to check my local Goodwill for a few items as well.

I plan on having as little furniture as possible. My decor will be simple as well. Someone left a dresser behind in the apartment and I get to use it. Score!! My sweet friend gave me a longer. I still need another chair or loveseat and a kitchen table with 2 chairs. Chloe will have her bed and I am going to sleep on a blowup bed for now.

I am excited to get our place set up. I want calm colors in every room. I plan on using different shades of green and blue.

I will take pictures as I set it up. I move in 2 weeks, so I will be getting boxes and packing this week. Chloe will struggle,  but I know she will adjust.

So excited for this new journey😊

Making Math Fun😀


Happy Friday Friends😊

Chloe loves Math, which is awesome! She loves numbers and counting. She has since she was 3. So I try to make math fun for her.

One way I do this is by providing lots of hands on activities.  I bought math cubes last year and she loves them! We use them for adding and subtracting,  patterns, counting and fine motor work. I love writing out directions for her on cards to follow. One will say Stack 6 blue cubes and 7 white cubes. Chloe really loves these. They are good for keeping her busy as well😊


I also love using her table easel to write numbers, as well as working on adding and subtracting.  She really has enjoyed this easel. It flips over to a chalk board and has paper to pull down for painting.  She actually has 2…her Nana also got her one for Christmas.  I love having a backup☺


Chloe really enjoys cut and paste activities.  I have found lots of them online. She worked on one yesterday that had addition problems. She cut out and glued the answer onto the correct problem. She was very excited when she was finished with it. This is also great fine motor work👍


So there are 3 ways I make math fun for Chloe. Next week I will share a few other ways Chloe works on math skills around the house.

Have a wonderful Friday🙂

Big Changes!!

20200115_131001Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a big day for Chloe and I. Probably more confusing for Miss Chloe. We went apartment hunting in our hometown. We found one we like and Chloe loves the mirror on the living room wall. This will be a big change for her as she and I will be on our own. Sometimes in life you have to make choices that are best for your child. This is one of those choices.

I want to live as minimal as I can and this place is small. I am going through all of our stuff and only taking things we use and love. Furniture will be minimal and my brother’s girlfriend and my good friend is giving me a lounger. So thankful! I just need a few more pieces. Moving Chloe’s things won’t be so bad. One truck load will move us. 

She will still see her Dad on the weekends and have her room here. I am copying the décor in her room here to her new room there. I am hoping she will leave 1/2 her toys at her Dads place and take half to her new home. It may be a way I can finally minimize her stuff. I know the transition will be tough, but she will get the therapy she needs and be with her older siblings and friends she had before we moved 3 yrs ago. She also loves the lake there and the parks. It will be a blessing for her and ease my mind as well.

So that is our big change that is coming. I should know today when we can move in. Probably February 1st. Im very excited to get things going for her.

Have a very wonderful day