Friday Catch Up

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I honestly have been busy doing a big declutter and working with Miss Chloe on some new activities. I just forgot to post. Let’s just play catch up, shall we?

I have spent the last few days cleaning out areas again. I have one big closet that I have to keep in check. I want to own as little as possible. I went through everything and was brutal. I condensed all holiday decorations. I now own zero fall, Valentines, or Easter decorations. I condensed Christmas down to 4 items. My tree with ornaments, 2 snow globes, and 1 knick knack Chloe likes. It felt great to let go of things. I went through all paperwork and organized it as well.

I pulled out all of my clothes and tossed out stained and unrepairable items. I hung up all my dressier top and all pants. I put tee shirts and workout clothes in my 3 drawer organizer. I only have 5 outfits now. I am still looking for tops I feel good in. Taking my time with that. I also organized Chloe’s clothing. I went through my shoes and tossed old flip flops and a pair of dress up shoes that hurt my feet.

I cleaned out Chloe’s Arts and Crafts cabinet one last time. She is starting to tell me what she likes and doesn’t like. She really likes art kits, especially felt and wooden sets. The Dollar Tree has a lot of cute craft kits to do. I had a few set back I’m going to have her work on soon. I got her paint stocked up and a few canvases to paint. I want her to enjoy doing arts and crafts again.

I ended up taking 10 bags to donation and tossed 3 pieces of broken furniture. It just feels good to only have around what I like and use. If I can get Chloe to ever reduce to her favorites it will be amazing!

Now on to activities. I bought Chloe a table stand up pocket chart and a feelings card set to work on understanding feelings. She really loves it! I will post pictures next time we work on it. The pocket chart can be used for so many activities. Chloe just had a wonderful week at home and at school.

I hope all of you are healthy and happy. Thanks for stopping by today.

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It Must Be Anxiety

Chloe was awake by 1:00 am last night. She has in person school today. She hasn’t been since last Thursday. That’s one thing that I hate about how school is right now. It’s like go this day, 2 days school at home and then back to school. It’s confusing for her.

Every week she doesn’t sleep the night before that first day of in person school. Tonight she will sleep all night. It is so weird to me, but I just have to prepare for it and then nap the next day while she’s at school. I write on our wall calendar when she has school and when she’s home. We look at it every night, but I still see her anxiety. Hopefully if they get back to 5 days a week she will do much better😊.

Chloe has been doing great going to school, regardless of the anxiety the night before. Her teacher stands by the classroom door and Chloe hugs me and walks down the hall unassisted to her teacher. So proud of her😁. She is starting to tell me a little about her day when I ask her questions. Today she said “Go to gym, play music, and run”. Woo Hoo!!

I hope all of you are healthy and well💕

Table Activities

Hi everyone! Hope your day is going well🙂

Being home more often than at school leads me to come up with lots of activities for Miss Chloe to do during the day. A lot of children with Autism who script a lot, like Chloe, need activities or interaction to break that up. They can easily disappear into their own world’s

When I write her daily schedule on the board I write in Table Activity. She knows exactly what that means. Some days she’s excited and others she stalls forever. Lol. I set a timer it use First/Then with her to get her to complete the activity.

Most activities I set up work on fine motor skills She started pushing away puzzles, so I got her these pattern block boards.

Next I had her string beads. I use this activitiy a lot, because she enjoys it☺️

Chloe loves to draw, but never really colors much. I got some coloring books awhile back. I got some I knew she would love, like Disney Princesses. She shocked me by coloring 5 of them. She stayed in the lines and took her time. Yay!!!

Each day she is doing NTI school at home I fill in spaces of time with table activities. I need to make some new ones for her soon.

I hope everyone is healthy and well🥰

Have a wonderful day😊

Learning About Mr. King

We didn’t have school today, but every year I talk to Chloe about Martin Luther King Jr. We watch a YouTube video about him and I have her do crafts that I can use to teach her about what he stood for.

She made a heart with different colors. I told her how people’s skinay be different colors, but Mr. King taught for us to love each other no matter our skin color. She told me one of her friends was brown. I said “Do you like your friend”? She said “Yes”! It’s hard to know how to teach certain things to Chloe, but I always try my best.

So Proud

I wanted to a few projects with her, but she was so happy after completing this one that I didn’t want to push my luck having her do anymore.

Do you teach your children about Martin Luther King Jr?

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

Fun Art Project

We have been doing more arts and crafts lately. I found this one on Pinterest. It involves a lot of fine motor work.

We we’re expecting snow, so I decided we would make a snowflake. I had her tear the paper, which is great for strengthening those finger and hand muscles.

I also let her use a glue bottle to trace the snowflake lines. She loved that! Then I had her glue the light blue and dark blue in a pattern.

She was so proud of herself. I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up more craft projects for her to do. I’m hoping I can get her into arts and crafts again

I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

5 Days Off and Snow

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Good afternoon everyone! Chloe has completed her last day of in person school for this week. She won’t return until next Wednesday, since Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day and schools are closed. She will do NTI with me at home tomorrow and nest Tuesday. Chloe sees being home as being off school. She’s the one who said “5 days off”. Lol

She had such a good time at school this week. She worked hard and behaved well. I am super proud of her. I can’t wait until they can all go 5 days a week. It really does help Chloe in every area, especially sleep and communication. I know they have to be careful with Covid numbers being high, but I just pray things settle down soon, for everyone.

Yesterday I was going to post her life skills for the week, but I had the worst headache. I’m still dealing with a lot of my health issues. I thought my last procedure was a fix all, but I guess it takes awhile to take effect. So I deal with the side effects, which are nausea and daily headaches. No fun. Chloe was super good about letting me lay down and rest. She even cuddled up on the couch with me and watched a movie.

We are expecting snow this weekend. We have only had one snow or maybe 2. I know we had a white Christmas for the first time in years. I am hoping for the snow, but no bad roads. I picked up a few items I was low on today at the local Dollar Store. People were loading up on water like we were going to be snowed in. It rarely gets that bad here. Chloe is always indifferent about snow. Sometimes she’s excited and other times she is like “No snow…grass”!! I still haven’t gotten her boots. I go to order them and they are out of her size. Same at the store, but I keep checking. She hasn’t really needed them, so I haven’t worried about it.

Today it is 54 degrees, but its suppose to fall into the 20’s tomorrow night and start snowing after midnight. Oh to wake up to a snowy day. Comfy clothes, coffee and blankets…..PERFECT.

I hope all of your are healthy and well. Be safe.

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful rest of the day

Working Independently

When I got Chloe’s at home work folder there was a note in there for me to let her do her work on her own. I was excited to see her work on her own. When she’s focused she can do so much independently.

She read her paragraph and answered all of the questions by herself. Reading has always come easy to her, but not answering questions about a story. She has come a long way☺️

Mat was a bit tougher. She was subtracting double digits with borrowing. She didn’t seem to remember what to do. I had to help her write a bit.

I let her do her writing sheet on her own with just reminders about spacing out her words. She did pretty well. I only had her rewrite one sentence. That always upsets her, but I want her to learn to write as neatly as she can.

I like seeing Chloe working on her own. I can see the pride she has when she completes a worksheet on her own.

I was very happy that she brought all of her grades up this semester. We had a special meal to celebrate 🎉

She will be home tomorrow for NTI and then back to school on Thursday.

I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

Back To School & It Begins

Chloe’s first day back to school was filled with excitement and a bump. She was so excited she woke up at 2 am and never went back to sleep. I just don’t know how she does it. I am happy she was glad to go back.

Here comes the bump. Chloe is very close to turning 11. I knew her menstrual cycle was coming, but you just never know when. Well it started last night. I was a nervous wreck, but Chloe was very calm. I was shocked and oh so proud of her. I texted her teacher and she was amazing and supportive. She worked with Chloe at school today to learn how to care for her needs.

I have always been worried about this day and her doctor and I have talked about what we need to do for Chloe. I would love for Chloe not to have this extra worry, but stopping or slowing it down requires her to take pills or get shots of hormones and or progesterone. I have read about the side effects and I am not sure Chloe could handle them. So I am seeing her doctor next week to discuss options. Right now she is handling it very well. Her teacher said Chloe seemed good dealing with it at school .

I am so excited Chloe had a great first day back, even with a bump in the road. She is my superstar!

I hope everyone is doing well. Stay healthy

Sunday Chat

Good Sunday afternoon 🌞

Chloe and I are doing relaxing activities today. I’m preparing for the week, since she will attend in person school tomorrow.

She walked down with me to the apt laundry to do a small load. I was caught up, but wanted to make sure all of her tops we’re clean for her to pick from tomorrow. They finally fixed our little wooden bridge that leads to the laundry. She loved that!

I am cooking up chicken in the crock pot and burger patties in the oven. I’m trying to stay a step ahead and bulk cook a bit. I’m back on Keto and I’m making up meat/veggie bowls. Chloe and I made gluten free peanut butter cookies as well. I put a few in her lunchbox for tomorrow 😜

This afternoon we are relaxing watching Snow White and snuggling on the couch. I told her later we should play board games. She just laughed, so not sure what we are doing. Lol

What are you doing on this Sunday afternoon? Please share in the comments. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate all of you🥰

Stay healthy my friends ❤️

Well I Tried🤷

Chloe slept all night 2 nights in a row. Woo hoo!! I though she would be ready to work today. Boy she let me know that she wasn’t right away. Lol

Well I can understand her mood. We had maintenance in our apartment this morning. I prepared her, but it didn’t matter. It upset her and messed up her routine. Our stove broke, so it had to be fixed. He wasn’t here very long, but she was already frazzled.

It took until lunch to get her to do anything. She completed one thing online and then I had some table activities for her to do. She had me move them to the floor, which is ok with me. I said “Are you ready to work”? She screamed and hit herself in the head😟. She has been doing this more and more. Her therapist suggested ignoring it, but that’s tough.

Eventually I got her to do a few things for me. She is tough to challenge, but I do like to review things.

Always in a specific color order
Great fine motor/Hand Eye Coordination
Word to picture match

She has been playing with her Kinestic sand and reading in her room as well. I just got the call from the school board that they will open schools next week. She was switched to group A from group B. She will go on Monday now instead of Tuesday. I pray it goes well. She is very nervous 😬.

I hope all of you are having the best day. Stay healthy and well🥰