So Proud of Chloe 😊

Good Morning 😊

Today is Chloe’s 2nd day of returning to public school and she is doing so well. She was nervous yesterday, but her teacher said she had an awesome day 😊. She was definitely tired and fell asleep by 6:30😲.

This morning she was very excited to go and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. I am so proud of her. I know she still may have difficult days,  but I am loving how well she is doing. She even told me names of 2 of her classmates on the way home yesterday.

I have been sick and trying so hard not to give this to her. I started her on breathing treatments because of her cough. I’m praying its not the flu. I barely got her to school this morning before getting sick on the way home. I so appreciated her getting up and getting ready with no fighting.

So there is my update on school. 😊

Have a wonderful day

Back To School

Good Morning😊

So it is happening.  Tomorrow is Chloe’s first day back to public school. 

I visited the school today and it was amazing!! Such a warm, inviting atmosphere and to top it off, her head teacher went to school with my brother. Small world😊. I met the Principal, Counselor, Therapists and her other assistants in her classroom.  I was overwhelmed, but excited. I know tomorrow may be a little tough for Chloe, but I am positive she is in wonderful hands❤.

I am looking forward to a few weeks rest before I decide when I am going to start working. I am going to get our place organized and decluttered.  I am going to donate my homeschool supplies and donate a few items to her new school.

I will post tomorrow how her first day went. Keep her and I in your thoughts in the morning.  

Healthier Alternatives I Use In Our Home

Happy Saturday!

Today’s post is about items I have replaced with healthier alternatives in our home. I am slowly getting away from harmful chemicals and trying to live more simple and eco-friendly.

I love Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I use it to replace 3 items in my home. I use it as a makeup remover, body oil and hair treatment/conditioner. It works so well, with no harsh chemicals.

Instead of dryer sheets I use a wool dryer ball. I still get static free clothing, but no added fragrances or chemicals on our clothes. I got a 3 pack at Walmart for $6.00.

I make homemade dish liquid. I use 1/2 cup liquid castile soap, 1/8 cup water, 1 tsp. vinegar and 4 drops of orange essential oil. I mix together and it works great!

Household cleaners can make me ill. I get headaches and I start coughing. So I make my own out of vinegar, water, baking soda and essential oils. Here are a few of my recipes…

All Purpose Cleaner (Spray Bottle)

1 cup water    1 cup white vinegar   15 drops of orange or lemon essential oil


Glass Cleaner (Spray Bottle)

I just put water in the spray bottle and use a Microfiber Towel.


Dusting Furniture

I just use a microfiber towel. If something is sticky, I dampen a towel to wipe it up and immeditely go over it with a dry microfiber towel.


Toilet Cleaner

I sprinkle Baking soda in the toilet and follow with a cup of white vinegar. Let it fizz down and scrub.



I make a paste of baking soda and water for scrubbing. Rinse with water after. 



I use a Swiffer Wet Jet Mop. I use microfiber cloths for the pads and I am able to get the tops off the bottle to refill the cleaner with my all purpose solution.


I have also replaced plastic straws with reusable ones.


Items I am working on replacing

1) Paper Towels: I am slowly getting cloth napkins to replace paper towels.

2) Plastic grocery bags: I use old tshirts to make bags and I use boxes or baskets to load my groceries into when I go to Aldi.

 3) Storage Bags/Ziplocs: I am buying more glass storage containers and looking at reusable food bags for outings and my daughter’s lunch box.

4) Detergent: Want to make my own.

5) Trash/Recycle: I am using my recycle bin and reducing my trash. I would love to replace my plastic trash bags. This is a work in progress as I am trying to reduce my processed foods.

I am enjoying looking at ways to make life simpler with less products and more eco-friendly by replacing harsh chemicals in our home.

I am excited that my blog almost has 160 followers! Thank you all for stopping by. Have a great day




It Was Freezing!


Good morning😊

Chloe is so addicted with playing at the playground at the lake. She asks to go every day. I misjudged the weather today and it was freezing when we got there.

Chloe doesn’t seem to ever be cold. She amazes me. I was pacing trying to stay warm, even with my big coat and gloves. Chloe was happily running around swinging,  climbing and sliding.  She was very happy. I set the timer for 40 minutes and when it beeped she walked right to the car.

As we walked to the car we ran into 2 ducks. Chloe said “Brrr ducks go home”! There were ducks and geese everywhere! She started chasing them, but stopped once one started coming at her. They are so mean there. Lol

I told her we were not coming back until it was warmer.  She may not get cold, but I sure do😨

Welcome to my new followers 😊

I Was Hacked😲

Good Morning 😊

Well you hear about it on the news, but you think it will never happen to you. My Facebook was hacked and I was attacked online by a scammer. It was a very scary experience.  

I decided to deactivate my FaceBook account. This world is getting scarier all the time. I mainly got on Facebook to connect with old friends and find family members.  I set all the privacy settings  but somehow I still got hacked.  Please protect yourself and family on Facebook. This has really upset me.

So for now I’m off Facebook.  I’m not sure if I will get back on. Sometimes I want to go back before all of this technology.  Life sure was a lot simpler.

Have you ever been hacked on Facebook?

Welcome to my new followers 😊

Have a wonderful Thursday 💚

Fun at the Lake


Good morning 😊

Adjusting to our move has been difficult some days for Chloe. She has started struggling with sleep again and been on a mood roller coaster. One thing that helps is going to our local lake playground. She loves it there. 

I took her yesterday after a sleepless night. I was hoping it would help her sleep better last night. She played hard for about an hour and then was ready to go. I am so proud of her swinging by herself now. She just beams when I cheer her on😀 

She has a routine here, just like any other place. She slides on 4 slides, then swings, and then tries to ride the bouncy car. She no longer fits in it, but will sit sideways to try. Then it’s back to the slides. I always set a timer to keep her on track. It was really cold, so I didn’t want to stay a long time. Once Spring arrives I’m sure we will spend hours there.

After we got home, and had lunch, she was still grumpy. I had her take a nap. I gave her a small dose of her medication to help relax her. She slept 4 hours😲!! So I had to keep her up later last night. She needed the rest, so I didn’t mind. We had a movie night together. She woke up 2 times last night, but is still asleep as I’m posting this. Today she gets to spend time with her sister Mattie. She will love that🙂

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day 💚