We Are Exhausted!!

Good morning😊

We are exhausted in this house!! Chloe is going on her 7th or 8th day of not sleeping through the night. I am very concerned for her. She was up by 1:30 am last night, so she slept 4 1/2 hrs. My husband needs to sleep because he works. What is tough is he works from home and Chloe goes all day long, even with no to little sleep. I am running on fumes, because I require 8 or more hours of sleep. 

I called her Dr this morning and she is going to call me after 10 am. I pray we can come up with an answer. We just don’t get how Chloe can go like she does without sleep. 

Homeschool will be on hold today or she can work on StarFall. My brain is fried and I’m sure hers is struggling.  

Say a prayer for our girl💜

Have a very blessed day.

Overstressed By The Mess


Good morning. Hope all is well with everyone.


This past weekend we celebrated Chloe’s birthday. Oh boy more stuff to add to her room and to the table, oh and to the living room. Phew!! I was determined to get some of Chloe’s clutter under control. I get so stressed when I walk into her room. I’m stressed for me and for her. I know she has a hard time playing in there, which is why the toys start making their way to the living room and kitchen.

I managed to get her floor vacuumed and her room dusted. I washed her bedding, which always upsets her. I put her vehicles in a box in the closet and her toys on her shelves. Later that day I heard her cry out. She put a bunch of stuff back on the floor in a neat little row. She hasn’t put the vehicles back out yet which helps a little. I just want her to be able to play in her room. I want all of the toys that make their way into the living room to go back to her room. We try to be firm about it and tell her she can play with them tomorrow, but she panics. I truly believe she thinks if toys are put up she can’t play with them again.

I got a great suggestion from a friend who said next time we move don’t get everything out, just her favorites. I pray it works. I know, without a doubt, she would play better with just her favorite toys. I look forward to the day I can sit comfortably in her room and play or read to her. Chloe is just in a very long OCD phase right now. I just have to take a deep breath and wait it out.

She is also constantly rearranging things in the house. She will turn our cups around to face a certain way. She double checks every door to make sure they are closed or locked. There are so many other things. I am working with her on all of it


Do any of your kiddos have OCD tendencies?? Do YOU??

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Bye Bye Dairy

Good morning everyone 😊 I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Chloe celebrated her birthday through the weekend eating cake, ice cream, pizza and yes a Happy Meal. As we begin a new week she and I will have many food changes to adjust to. 

Chloe and I both tested positive for an allergy to dairy. Her pediatrician wanted me to still give it to her in small amounts for calcium. She said that Chloe didn’t break out or throw up, so it would be ok. Well Chloe has a major addiction to cheese. She doesn’t eat ice cream every day, but at least once a week. She gets a bite of yogurt to take her meds at night. I never could understand why the Dr wanted her to have dairy if she is allergic to it. She is constipated a lot and I know it’s the first food most parents take away when doing food changes for their children with Autism. 

I am also concerned with gluten. She didn’t test positive for an allergy to it, but she tends to swell in her tummy if she has a lot of it. I also notice her behavior change. She gets really happy and then changes to grumpy. I will deal with this after dairy.

The first thing to go is cheese. She wont be to happy. I’m going to get a vegan cheese substitute for her homemade pizza. Also I will buy coconut milk ice cream on special occasions. I have drink Almond milk and have for years.  Chloe has never liked milk. I use Almond milk to make muffins and other recipes requiring milk. 

The big fit will come from not getting Happy Meals. I am personally tired of fast food. It always hurts my stomach.  She loves her Happy Meals, but they are not good for her. Her suckers are also gone for awhile. She can’t stop at one and throws massive tantrums. Candy just isn’t worth those kind of fits for us. This isn’t going to be easy, but I have to try and stick with it. Chloe’s behavior is out of control.  She talks very loudly all day and sings nonstop most days.

I am letting go of dairy as well and going to go on mostly a vegan diet. Fish doesn’t bother my stomach,  but other meats do. I am going to still eat eggs, but not often. The past week I have had constant stomach pain after every meal. So I’m praying this helps.

I will post at the end of the week how our first week went. I am looking forward to no tummy aches and hopefully better behavior from Chloe. I know it may take weeks to see changes in Chloe. We will see😊

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Just a Very Bad Day😥


Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day❤

So Chloe had another sleepless night Tuesday night. She came out of her room yesterday morning in a foul mood. When Chloe is in a bad mood she is loud and rude. Nothing I said helped her. I gave her the daytime dose of her medicine and she slept maybe 15 minutes. Around lunchtime she fired up again.

I always feel bad for my husband trying to work with Chloe’s singing, scripting and bad mood. I eventually took her to her room and played some calming music.  She calmed down for a bit, but then was back to it. Not as loud, but still talking nonstop.  This is when Unschooling doesn’t work so well. If she is in a bad mood she doesn’t want to learn ANYTHING!! Its just a day of loud fits and headaches for us😔. It has been getting worse and I need to find a way to calm her down. I may have to implement her stricter schedule again and see what that does. Hopefully we will see some improvement.

So that is what happened on our Very Bad Day.

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Hope your say is going great😊

How Does She Do It?

My precious girl marches to the beat of her own drum. Some days she shocks me with her clarity and understanding.  The next she is in her own world scripting and singing. Today she talked from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep at 7:45 pm.

She mostly scripted all day, except when we went to Walmart to order her birthday cake and do some shopping. She was very quiet, but excited.  By the time we got home her legs were worn out from toe walking. I thought she might sit and rest, but she paced the house and talked continuously the rest of the day. I even had to take her to her room so Brett could work.

I wish I knew how she goes on and on like that. Her brain must fly a million miles an hour. She started stuttering a few days ago. I’m praying this is temporary.  It broke my heart listening to her trying to sing Happy Birthday with so much trouble. I give her  medicine to sleep and her pediatrician said she could take 1/2 a dose during the day to calm down. It puts her to sleep too. We have tried other meds for ADHD, but they make her agitated. I just am not sure what to try next. We see her pediatrician for her 9 year checkup in a few weeks. I am hoping she and I can come up with a plan. Chloe can’t keep going full speed much longer.

She is doing way better with unschooling than with a more structured schooling schedule. I see way less anxiety. So will we be trying a new medication? Maybe a stricter diet?? She is quite the sugar addict. We try to keep it under control, but we are human and she does get treats every now and then. It is easier if she doesn’t go to the store with me. Lol

Then I saw where Chloe had wrote her own schedule last night.


How cute is that😍 She even followed it. We will figure everything out. I just want her to feel secure and relaxed. It’s tough as a parent when you cant just fix all of your child’s problems. I just pray and know God will show us what to do.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day😊

A Wonderful Unschool Day & A Surprise


Good morning 😊

Our Mondays are usually, well horrible. Today’s was a bit better. Fits didn’t arrive until late afternoon.  Chloe was a busy bee with all of the activities I set out for her. She wanted to learn about Penguins today, so we watched a video on YouTube and made a penguin craft.

She built her math cube towers by 2’s without being promoted. Very proud. Then we got mail from our friends Sylvia and Bethany. They have the channel Adventures of a Brain Tumor Survivor on YouTube. They are so wonderful and sweet❤ Chloe loved her birthday gifts. I loved all of the homeschool books. We will enjoy learning from them😁.

Chloe is super excited about her birthday Friday. I cant believe she will be 9. Now if it would stop raining, since her Dad and I got her an outside therapy swing for one of her gifts. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed day😊