Activities of the Week

Good morning everyone. 

Well my laptop is on the fritz, so I am doing this on my phone. I wanted to show you the activities I am trying to get Chloe to do this week and most likely into next week. Chloe isn’t being very cooperative doing any type of learning. I have been understanding up until now, but it’s time to get her back on routine. 

I love doing the Shape Shuffle game and the Missing Objects game with Chloe. They are pretty much like doing puzzles. The Missing Objects game is great for working on speech. The Fruit/Vegetable sorting game is a lot of fun. You can use the picture cards and go to the grocery store. Let your child find the fruit or veggie in the picture. I printed the clock, addition and phonics cards online for free. Check out 123homeschool4me, teachers pay teachers and for great printables. 

I am going to try very hard to get Miss Chloe back on track. Her moods are swinging and she is having to many fits. I know she would enjoy doing these activities if she would just try.

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Getting Through The Day

Monday was well a massive roller coaster ride! She woke up happy and then the bottom fell out when she didn’t get her way. She wanted a extra sucker and she got a no and I got a tantrum.

We are having major issues with candy. I usually keep suckers because they are good for oral sensory issues, but Chloe can’t stop at one. We try to stand our ground with her and in turn get a major fit. She gets sent to her room to calm down and once out usually asks for the sucker again,

Candy has to go. I hate to say it, but it does. Halloween is only a few weeks away and we are debating not taking her out. It becomes a long drawn out battle of the candy. She doesn’t understand how bad it is for her. We are at a point that treats for good behavior can not be food or candy. She is in a phase right now of wanting to eat constantly. I may have to put a lock on the fridge again. It is really hard to watch her beg continuously for food.

I am reading a book right now called The Autism Revolution. I am at a point of trying a few of the things mentioned in the book. I just believe something is going to help her. I have always believed some of her issues are food related. She had issues from birth with formula and had to have a special one. Once I complete the book and figure out the path we will take I will post about the changes we will make.

Thank you so much for checking in today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

A Great Fall Day


Good morning! I hope your day is going great so far.

Chloe and I had a wonderful day hanging outside on Saturday. The morning was so cold, but it did get up to 52 degrees by the afternoon. While I grilled Chloe ran around the yard singing. She has been quite the singer lately. We worked on speech outside on a blanket. She was not very attentive, but did well overall.

Since it has cooled down I have been getting Chloe outside as much as possible. It makes her happier and she sleeps so much better. She is struggling off and on with her Daddy not feeling well. I am trying to keep her busy. Homeschool has been a struggle. I have backed her up to Pre-K using Hubbards Cupboard. She is enjoying it so far. We are working on her self help skills and learning other life skills this week.

Here is a list of skills she is working on:

Dressing self with no help

Brushing her hair

Putting on socks an shoes with no help

Life Skills

Helping to unload the dishwasher

Wiping the table off after meals

Setting the table for meals

She is progressing well with her self helps skills. She doesn’t like to brush her hair. I gave her a haircut Saturday night. She kept moving, so more hair got cut off than planned, but she is ok with it.

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Declutter Week 2 :Days 8 -14


Good morning everyone! Sorry I have not been posting daily. Life has been a little chaotic in our house this week. Any type of change seems to rock Chloe’s world, which in turn rocks mine as well.

My hubby is home with terrible back pain that we hope to get fixed very soon. Chloe is not use to her Daddy being home this long, so she has had a few rough days behavior wise. I completed my 2nd week of decluttering, barely. I forgot 2 of the pictures (Top of fridge/Laundry Closet). I took 8 bags to donation and threw away 3 bags of trash. Oh and my desk was on the list as well, but it holds my copier and that’s it, so I will revisit it later.

Starting Monday I am working on Homeschool shelves and Chloe’s room. It will be tough because Chloe will make it tough. I will hopefully get back on track this week with daily blogs.

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It’s Been Quite A Crazy Week!

Good morning! It has been quite a week in our household. I couldn’t even get to my blog yesterday. Chloe has been struggling with listening lately. She is refusing to do any type of learning. So I have been working this week to remedy that.

I decided on Tuesday to take her to the library. They had added even more wonderful things to the children’s floor. There was a playhouse, kitchen center and a puppet theater. Chloe was so excited!!

I tried to play with her, but she didn’t want me near her. So I filmed her for our YouTube channel (Autism With Grace). She was so happy playing in that area she refused to go with me to find the books we needed. I couldn’t leave her, so we didn’t get them. Sometimes we just listen to them online. Once other children started arriving she started shutting down. She had moments of smiles as she watched 2 children put on a puppet show across the room, but finally she said “Go home now”.

It has been really tough getting her to do any form of learning, I decided to back her down to Pre-K. I went to Hubbard’s Cupboard and used their program. She loved it today. She completed all of the activites I planned. Yeah !!  We celebrated with some noodles. (Her favorite food right now).

I am going to continue on with Hubbard’s Cupboard since she enjoys it. They have everything you need right on their site. I love their printables.

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What Is She Thinking?

Monday was not a good homeschool day. I almost cried. I wish I knew what she was thinking when it comes to learning. I wish she could tell what bothers her about it.

After fighting me most of the day she did do a few activities for me and then after Supper she worked with her beads. I am not stressed as usual. I just want her to be happy and enjoy learning. I have looked into what a morning basket consists of and I put one together last night. I went back into her preschool activities and pulled some word puzzles out and some books about different areas we are learning about. Books on Fall Animals, The Seasons, Bible Stories, Community Helpers. and a few file folder games. I am going to let her choose what she wants to do and see how that goes. I feel that falls into the unschooling area of learning. I provide the materials and she chooses what she want to learn.

We are going to the Library today and I am going to try to find more books about Community Helpers and Nursery Rhymes. I found some sequencing activities using Nursery Rhymes.  I will keep chugging along until I find something she likes.

I like the morning basket idea and hopefully she will too.

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Learning Activities Of The Week


Good Morning Everyone! I hope all of you had a great weekend.

This week I want to share more of what I do to work with Chloe. She has had a lot of behavior issues lately and I feel she needs more activities to fill her day. I have added these learning activities to her regular homeschool day. There are more to see if you will go on over to my YouTube channel (Autism With Grace).

I love to make my own activities from materials I have at home. I am not spending any money this month, except on her costume for Halloween, which by the way we can’t find (Little Red Riding Hood) in her size. I love using magnet letters and picture cards to do phonics activities. You can do beginning and ending sounds. You can also have them spell the word when they get to that level,

Math is a fun area to use tray activities. I found felt leaves at the Dollar Tree. We are using them to do patterns. I got a muffin tin and put addition facts in each one. She will use her tongs and pom poms to solve each problem. That adds a fine motor aspect to it. I made a One to One Correspondence activity by using sentence strips and making a puzzle out of each one. Right now she is learning the letter word and later I will add other ways to represent the numbers. We are doing 0 to 12 this week.

I hope you can use some of these activities with your child. I will post more activities tomorrow. I am hoping to post about our speech therapy and fine motor OT work as well.

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.