Our Weekend

Hi everyone 😊

I have tried all day to load my post. I had great pictures to go with it, but they won’t load. So I will just leave them out.

Our weekend started out a bit rough since Chloe didn’t sleep but 4 hours Friday night. She was one grumpy goose Saturday morning.  I ended up giving her some of her medication that helps her rest and she slept 1 1/2 hours. While she slept I made flubber and colored some noodles for future activities.

Chloe woke up and was upset she slept…Lol. She doesn’t like to sleep. We spent the afternoon indoors reading and drawing. She was watched Snow White and was in a descent mood the rest of the day.

Sunday was much better. She slept all night and was very happy. We spent most of the day outside playing on the therapy swing, blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk. She is really into the show Bubble Guppies, so she watched a few episodes before supper. She was a totally different girl. 

How was your weekend?



Mosquito Bites Take Over


Happy Friday 😊

We were suppose to have Fun Field Trip Friday today, but again plans changed.

During Wild Water Wednesday Chloe got 2 bad mosquito bites. I sprayed her down, but sometimes they still get her. She hasn’t slept well since and is a moody girl. So today I have been keeping her busy with coloring, drawing and a movie at home with pizza. So far she is pretty happy.

Later once the yard is mowed I will fill up her pool and she can swim. Hopefully no more bites occur. I have to run out later and get something else to try to help with the itching. Even though the whole week didn’t go as planned I feel she had fun.

I used today to start printing out items for her Homeschool Binder. I don’t plan on buying workbooks until I have to. I’ve printed a lot off of K5 Learning today. I even found the perfect lesson plan template, so I don’t have to purchase a lesson planner this year😊

I hope all of you have had a great week and have a wonderful weekend ❤

Ugh No Thinker Thursday 😢

Well Chloe flat out refused to do any Science Experiments today.

Chloe was up 3 times last night and she was slow moving this morning.  I was wondering if she would participate today. She threw 2 fits before 11 am. 

Some days are like this. No matter what I plan,  it depends on her sleep and behavior as to whether the plans happen. If I go in with the understanding that she may not feel up to doing activities there is less disappointment when she doesn’t.  In the past I would stress out, but not anymore. As long as she is playing or reading I’m good😊

I hope everyone had a wonderful day❤

Wild Water Wednesday

We had a BLAST today😀

We didn’t get to start until lunch, so the heat index was at 100 degrees. I made the water extra cold. 

I set out water shooters, sponges and water balloons. These were the activities Chloe chose, plus her pool of course. She was so excited she was squealing! I told her she could squirt me, but she wouldn’t.  When i squirted myself she said ” Oh no, Mommy no get wet”! I was told to sit down. Lol

Her favorite was the Water Balloons.  I made up 3 buckets of them. They wouldn’t bust very easily though. She didn’t care, it was still fun. The coolest thing is it started raining ☔ I told her she could play in it since there was no thunder or lightning.  She was thrilled😀

So that was our Wild Water Wednesday.  Fun Fun!!

Time to Read Tuesday

Good Afternoon 🙂

Our Time to Read Tuesday went very well. Chloe enjoyed reading the books and then making crafts for each of them.

After lunch we went to the Library. It wasn’t very crowded, which was nice. Chloe walked around for awhile scripting,  but I finally got her engaged in some activities. She tried the peg board for the first time and played on the light board, her favorite 😊

Our final activity was to go outside of the Library to their Park/Music area. They have the coolest music instruments.  She and I played until we got to hot. Chloe said “Its time to go home”.


Once home Chloe watched Snow White and read all if the books in her basket. It was a great day😀

I hope you had a wonderful day as well💜

Themed Daily Activities

Good Morning🌞

This week I decided to do a daily fun theme for each day of the week. Chloe needs to stay busy and I thought this would be a fun.

Messy Monday😀

Today is Messy Monday! We will be doing as many messy activities that she and I can come up with. I already have out shaving cream and I’m making a big bin of Cloud Dough. She wants to paint and make Flubber. That may be all she can handle. We will see😉 I will post pics of our Messy Monday either later today or with tomorrow’s post.

Time to Read Tuesday🙂

This will be a day full of reading and crafts to go with each special book Chloe chooses. We will also go to the Library and do some fun activities there. 

Wild Water Wednesday😎

This one is pretty obvious. We are going to play in the pool, shoot water shooters, water balloons and whatever else we decide to do with water. This will most likely be her favorite🌞

Thinker Thursday☺

This will be all things Science and Discovery.  I have put together 2 science experiments for her to do. I also plan to take her to a walking trail where her favorite park is. I hope to find books at the library to read with her to learn more about Summer.

Field Trip Fun Friday😀

We are heading to our hometown to go hiking and play on the playground at the lake. We are hoping my older daughter Mattie can join us or a few of Chloe’s friends. I plan on packing a picnic lunch and having ice cream. I take it back….this will be her favorite day😉. 

So this is the outline of our week. I will post as many pics as I can of our days. I will also post videos on my YouTube channel Autism With Grace.

What are your kiddos up to this week?

Have a wonderful day💚